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Microbubbles Float Through Their First Flow Cytometry Conference

September 2016


As we discussed in a previous post, Akadeum recently attended the GLIIFCA 2016 meeting. John Younger, our CTO, gave a great talk to introduce Akadeum’s cell sorting technology, which generated some fantastic conversations. In the following days, we had a lot of attendees coming up to our booth asking, “So what are these microbubbles I heard about?”.

Akadeum’s Cell Sorting Microbubbles to Appear at GLIIFCA 2016

September 2016


The Akadeum Team is excited to present and attend this year’s Great Lakes International Imaging & Flow Cytometry Association (GLIIFCA) annual meeting. The meeting is held in Troy, Michigan on September 16–18,2016.

John Younger Featured in Science Magazine

May 2016

John Younger, Akadeum’s co-founder and chief science officer, was recently featured in a Science Magazine article on entrepreneurs. Alongside other science-based startup leaders, John discussed his journey from working in emergency medicine at the University of Michigan to developing a small microbubble cell sorting technology company. John and co-founder Brandon McNaughton launched Akadeum in an incubator in downtown Ann Arbor. “From a table in the basement, the two took preorders, engaged …

Akadeum CEO on Sirius XM with Steve Blank

March 2016

Akadeum CEO Brandon McNaughton recently sat down for a discussion on Sirius XM with Steve Blank. Steve interviewed Brandon as part of Entrepreneurs are Everywhere, and they discussed topics ranging from cell separation with microbubbles to figuring out how to move an idea from an idea to sales. See select quotes from the interview below. Entrepreneurs are Everywhere “The show follows the journeys of founders who share what it takes …

Akadeum Aims to Disrupt Cell Sorting Technology with Microbubbles

November 2015

Recently, Akadeum and our revolutionary cell sorting technology was featured in Xconomy Detroit. The article focuses on Akadeum’s lean startup method and how it prioritizes customer discovery and feedback. “The two main cell-sorting technologies being used right now, Younger says, involve a ‘wonderful but slow and expensive’ laser-activated method or one that relies on magnets to separate cells from their surroundings. ‘We’re faster than lasers and more gentle than magnets,’ …

Akadeum Life Sciences Closes $1 Million in Financing

October 2015

Akadeum has secured a $1 million investment led by Michigan eLab, which includes Detroit Innovate, Invest Michigan, University of Michigan MINTS, and Jeffrey Schox, a nationally renowned patient attorney. “What truly excited us at Michigan eLab was not only the disruptive nature Akadeum’s BACS™ microbubble solution has on the market, but the intense customer focus the founding team had, including embracing lean startup methodologies typically found in software companies,” said …

Michigan eLab Invests in Akadeum Life Sciences

January 2015

Michigan eLab, LLC. is a venture capital firm in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Their first local investment? Akadeum Life Sciences. Since Akadeum’s microbubble cell sorting technology can reduce the time and cost of isolating cells, and Michigan eLab’s investment of $150,000 will be used to make our technology more effective for cancer research. “While traditionally it can take two or three days to grow enough target cells in a culture to …

Cell Isolation Technology Demonstration at We Make Health Fest

August 2014

We demonstrated Akadeum’s cell isolation and sorting technology at the We Make Health Fest on August 16, 2014. The fest, hosted by the University of Michigan, focused on the connection between health and technology. Our presentation emphasized how Akadeum’s microbubble technology can be used to purify cell samples and test food for pathogens quickly and at a low cost. Thank you to everyone who attended We Make Health.    

Akadeum Chosen to Receive Advice from NASA

May 2014

Akadeum Life Sciences is one of several companies in Ohio and Michigan who have been selected to receive advice from NASA. NASA will provide immediate help to five companies at their June 12, 2014 event at the University of Toledo, four companies at the Glenn Center in Cleveland, Ohio, and seven companies on-site or via video-conferencing. Akadeum has been selected to receive on-site or video advice. Read more about this …

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