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Streptavidin Microbubbles


Akadeum’s streptavidin microbubbles are high-buoyancy particles for use in targeting, capturing, and sorting cells, bacteria, viruses, or molecular analytes from common samples in the life sciences.  Microbubbles come shipped ready for conjugation to biotinylated antibodies or other biomolecules.

  • Streptavidin microbubbles are compatible with any biotinylated target
  • Enables fast, easy, and effective separation that is exceptionally gentle on analytes of interest
  • Does not require the use of magnets or columns to create flexible, customized solutions

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Product Details

Akadeum’s Streptavidin Microbubbles are useful for binding and separating biotinylated target molecules such as antibodies, proteins, and DNA. These microbubbles are compatible with any biotinylated target, allowing for the development of unique, highly-specific, and customized applications.

Mechanism of Action: Akadeum’s Streptavidin Microbubbles are high-buoyancy microspheres coated in streptavidin. These microbubbles leverage the biotin-streptavidin binding complex and can be used for binding biotinylated target molecules like antibodies, proteins, DNA, and more. They permit the capture and sorting of a diverse range of targets such as cells, bacteria, viruses, or other molecular analytes allowing for highly-specific and customized applications.

How it Works: Akadeum’s Streptavidin Microbubbles are gently mixed into the sample where they bind to the biotinylated targets. Using their inherent buoyancy, the microbubbles quickly and gently float the biotinylated analytes to the surface for collection or removal.

Additional Information:

  • Storage: 4°C
  • Quantity/Volume: 13.5 mL
  • Format: Liquid solution containing 0.09% sodium azide

This kit comes with:

  • 13.5 mL Streptavidin Microbubbles
  • Separation Buffer (Ca2+ and Mg2+ free PBS containing 2 mM EDTA, 0.5% biotin-free BSA)
  • 5 mL Eppendorf Tubes

For best results, the following supplies are recommended:

  • Low retention 1,000 uL pipet tips
  • Centrifuge with swinging bucket rotor
  • Vacuum aspirator

Key Features

Streptavidin Microbubbles from Akadeum enable a Fast and Easy Workflow, are Flexible and Customizable, and require no magnets or columns.


Buoyancy-activated cell sorting (BACS™) from Akadeum offers a novel way to target and remove analyte(s) of interest using science so simple, it floats! Our microbubbles combine the biotin-streptavidin binding complex with the power of gravity in a workflow that’s fast, easy, and effective while being gentle on analytes of interest. Our Streptavidin microbubbles are fast and easy to use while keeping delicate analytes of interest happy and healthy. The entire process can be done directly in your sample vial without the need for additional equipment or expensive consumables. Simply mix the microbubbles into your sample, where they will bind to the biotin-labeled targets, floating them to the top of the container for removal.

Elevated Solutions for Sample Preparation:

  • Using our fast & easy microbubble workflow
  • Effective removal of proteins, cells, and more
  • Can be used with any biotinylated target
  • No magnets, no columns, no additional equipment

Elegant in Simplicity, Powerful in Application

Akadeum’s microbubble technology harnesses the power of buoyancy in a fast, easy and gentle workflow without the need for additional equipment. This unique, gentle approach maintains cell health and physiology.


No Magnet. No Column. Happy Cells.

We’ve taken technology that traditionally requires additional equipment to accomplish targeted cell separation and put it into a single container where it’s self-separating. No harmful shear forces, no exposure to external forces like magnetic gradients. Stop losing your precious cells to harsh, outdated processing techniques.

Experience the benefits of a microbubble workflow. Akadeum’s Microbubbles Are:

  • Magnet-free, protecting your cells from harsh magnetic forces and eliminating the need for additional (and expensive!) equipment
  • Column-free, using microbubbles directly in the sample vial to separate cells allows for quick and easy isolation of any sample, any volume, anywhere
  • Gentle on cells, harnessing the targeted efficiency of affinity molecules coupled with the power of buoyancy to gently separate via flotation
  • Reliable and consistent, delivering fast and easy results that can be scaled for larger volumes with workflows that are compatible with nearly any downstream processing

Looking for Answers?

At Akadeum Life Sciences, our team is committed to your success. We thrive on problem-solving and are dedicated to helping the researchers we work with see exceptional results. If you’re interested in leveraging the microbubble platform to overcome existing hurdles in your sample preparation processes, we want to hear from you! You can speak directly to our team of scientists who are available to help you with an optimized workflow that takes advantage of our microbubble technology and solves long-standing headaches in sample preparation. Schedule a call today, we’d love to start a conversation!

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Streamlined Workflow brings Microbubbles to Custom Applications

To address longstanding problems in cell separation, Akadeum Life Sciences has developed a novel Buoyancy Activated Cell Sorting (BACS™) microbubble platform for selectively capturing cell populations from biological samples in a rapid and gentle way. When the low-density BACS microbubbles are mixed into a sample, they quickly engage their targets and naturally float them to the surface where they can easily be removed. Relying solely on the power of gravity to drive the separation eliminates the need for expensive equipment and consumables. Furthermore, it means that Akadeum’s microbubble platform is free from harsh chemicals, strong shear forces, and exposure to external forces like rare earth magnets. This straightforward approach is elegant in simplicity and powerful in application, offering some of the fastest and most gentle isolations available.

Interested in learning more? Download our app note today:

App Note: Optimizing a Custom Workflow Using Akadeum’s Streptavidin Microbubbles

Akadeum has a deep understanding of the diverse and complex needs created by life science workflows, and the Streptavidin Microbubbles in particular are notable for their flexibility and versatility in allowing researchers to leverage the power of the microbubble technology in a highly specific and application-focused way. These microbubbles leverage the biotin-streptavidin binding complex combined with the power of gravity in a streamlined workflow that is fast and easy to use, while keeping delicate analytes of interest happy and healthy. This allows for the use of any biotinylated affinity molecule specific to the research need, combined with the single-vial, floatation-based separation offered by microbubbles.

Microbubble Workflow: A. Akadeum Microbubbles (blue spheres) are mixed with sample containing target cells (brown) and non-target cells (teal). B. Microbubbles capture target cells by streptavidin-biotin interaction. C. Microbubbles float to the top of the sample while non-targeted cells are pelleted at the bottom of the tube.

Increasingly sensitive cell and molecular biology techniques have created the need for more flexible and specific cell isolation options. In response to this growing need, Akadeum Life Sciences has developed a quick and effective isolation platform with seemingly limitless versatility. Akadeum’s Streptavidin Microbubbles offer the flexibility to create a customized cell isolation workflow to suit specialized research and development requirements. With Akadeum’s breakthrough Buoyancy Activated Cell sorting (BACS™) technology, a cell population of interest can be rapidly enriched even from complex samples.


Additional Information and Data:

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