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Join the rise of the next generation in target isolation

Akadeum is actively seeking corporate partners to commercialize microbubble-based products and protocols.

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Akadeum Solves Longstanding Problems in Target Capture & Recovery

The current separation technology is 40+ years old and remains virtually unchanged:

Small Sample Volumes · Labor Intensive
Harsh to Samples · Limited Purity

…industry needs have evolved

Akadeum meets today’s needs using a platform of functionalized buoyant microbubbles and related devices

Any Sample · Any Volume · Anywhere

About Microbubble Technology

Simple buoyancy driven isolation

Simple buoyancy driven isolation

Targets nucleic acids, proteins, cells, and more

Targets nucleic acids, proteins, cells, and more

Biotech Partnership Opportunities



  • Immunology
  • Next Gen Sequencing
  • Synthetic biology


  • DNA isolation
  • Single cell analysis
  • Food/water testing


  • Cell Therapy
  • Biologics
  • Protein therapy


  • Antibody manufacture
  • Primary Cells
  • Bioreactor processing

The possibilities are endless!

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