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User Data

External Comparison Testing

Five separate beta testing sites received Akadeum product and compared it to their existing magnetic cell separation workflow. Purity was reported by users to be comparable or better than the two market-leading products.

Institution Akadeum
Compared To Key Takeaways
University of Pennsylvania Logo 97.8 % 99.3 % Miltenyi MACS High Purity Isolation of B Cells Successfully Differentiated to Plasma Cells
University of Michigan Logo 72.8 % 73.6 % STEMCELL Technologies High Purity Isolation of CD4 T Cells by Akadeum Microbubbles vs. Magnetic Bead Technology
University of Wisconsin-Madison Logo 92.8 % 85 % STEMCELL Technologies Cell Function Confirmed After High Purity Mouse B Cell Isolation With Akadeum Microbubbles
Harvard University Logo 90.4 % 90.1 % Miltenyi MACS High Purity Isolation of B Cells
University of California, San Francisco Logo 81 % 84 % Miltenyi MACS B cell purity improved from 36% of non-enriched sample to 81% following fast and easy enrichment. Enrichment was on par with that of Miltenyi’s kit (both viability and purity). Importantly, the BCR percentages were similar to starting material meaning the isolation didn’t disturb these receptors or skew the population which was isolated.
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