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AAI’s Immunology 2021 Conference Poster Presentation: Superior Dead Cell Removal Using Akadeum’s BACS

Updated on Sep 13, 2023

AAI’s Immunology 2021 Conference Poster Presentation: Superior Dead Cell Removal Using Akadeum’s BACS

Poster Presentation:
A Superior Dead Cell Removal Platform Using Akadeum’s BACS Microbubbles

Akadeum is pleased to announce that we will be presenting a poster at AAI this year that demonstrates the benefits of using a microbubble approach for dead cell removal. Be sure to visit our poster presentation at AAI to learn more!

Sample preparation and analysis is frequently complicated by the presence of dead cells, leading to negative downstream impacts like poor sort efficiencies, extended sort times, and overall reduction in purity. Dead cell contamination can also have negative effects on downstream applications like cell culture, cell therapy, or single cell sequencing. Current methods for dealing with dead cells are frequently inadequate as they can be harsh on viable cells, lead to the loss of too many target cells alongside the dead cells, be costly and time consuming, or simply not remove enough of the dead cells to make a significant difference. To address the challenges presented by the presence of contaminating dead cells, Akadeum has developed a novel Buoyancy Activated Cell Sorting (BACS™) microbubble approach for depleting dead cells from biological samples.

About the Conference: 

Virtual Immunology2021
May 10-15, 2021

Akadeum is excited to be one of the exhibitors at AAI this year, and we can’t wait to share with you all the latest news from Akadeum as well as a sneak peek at some of our upcoming applications and products that are currently being developed. Stop by our booth to say hi and chat with the Akadeum team – we’ll be there live (via teleconference) and are looking forward to hearing more about what you’ve been working on and the latest developments in your research! This conference promises to be be unique and unlike previous events. We may not be able to grab a coffee together in person, but we’re looking forward to connecting with everyone at the conference virtually during these unprecedented times.

For more information and for all things AAI Virtual Immunology2021, visit our event page.

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