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Akadeum’s Mouse B Cell Isolation Kit Used in New Research

Updated on Oct 10, 2023

Akadeum’s Mouse B Cell Isolation Kit was used in an article recently published in Cell Reports:

Negative feedback by NUR77/Nr4a1 restrains B cell clonal dominance during early T-dependent immune responses
Jeremy F. Brooks, Corey Tan, James L. Mueller, Kenta Hibiya, Ryosuke Hiwa, Vivasvan Vykunta, Julie Zikherman
Cell Reports, Volume 36, Issue 9, 2021, 109645, ISSN 2211-1247

We would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to the research team on the publication of their research.

Abstract Summary: 

B cell clones compete for entry into and dominance within germinal centers (GCs), where the highest-affinity B cell receptors (BCRs) are selected. However, diverse and low-affinity B cells can enter and reside in GCs for extended periods. To reconcile these observations, we hypothesize that a negative feedback loop may operate within B cells to preferentially restrain high-affinity clones from monopolizing the early GC niche. Here, we report a role for the nuclear receptor NUR77/Nr4a1 in this process. We show that NUR77 expression scales with antigen stimulation and restrains B cell expansion. Although NUR77 is dispensable for regulating GC size when GCs are elicited in a largely clonal manner, it serves to curb immunodominance under conditions where diverse clonal populations must compete for a constrained niche. We propose that this is important to preserve early clonal diversity in order to limit holes in the post-immune repertoire and to optimize GC selection.

Read the full article on Science Direct >>

Akadeum also has a Human B Cell Isolation Kit available for purchase.

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