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Improving Human Health

with Next-Generation Separation Technology

As industry and scientific needs have evolved, the standard technology for performing critical tasks like sample preparation, cell isolation, and RBC depletion has remained unchanged for decades. Inadequate sample preparation is harmful and costly – so Akadeum set out to disrupt the status quo with an innovative approach to sample preparation: microbubbles.

Our functionalized microbubbles can be mixed into a complex solution, grab on to their target (protein, cell type, DNA, chemical – you name it!), and float it to the top for removal. It’s a solution that’s simple and powerful, and it’s revolutionizing workflows and efficiencies among a wide range of applications. From commercialized kits to customized solutions to partnerships, Akadeum works with researchers and professionals in various industries to harness the power of microbubbles.

Akadeum Technology

Your Workflow, Simplified

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Large volume separation made easy. Because our microbubbles can be used with any volume, there is no need for aliquoting into small samples.



Little or no specialized equipment is required. Exceptional sample preparation is performed with lower processing costs and a smaller equipment footprint.



The higher throughput of a microbubble workflow can increase testing capacity 10x as compared to other technologies.



Microbubbles are highly specific, leading to higher purity and exceptionally accurate results.



Microbubbles are gentle, resulting in less damage to cells and generating better and more reliable data.

How it Works

Three simple stages of buoyant separation

Step #

1. Microbubbles mix with the sample.

Step #

2. Microbubbles capture target cells.

Step #

3. Target cells float to the surface for removal.


More Than Microbubbles

We’re tackling the bigger questions through partnerships

At the heart of it, our microbubbles offer a simple and elegant solution to a nearly infinite range of applications and industries. We are actively seeking partner relationships to find new and innovative ways to functionalize our technology to solve big problems. As industry needs have evolved over the last decades, existing technology has essentially remained unchanged – which is where our platform technology comes in. Whatever challenges you may be facing, from scaling up diagnostic capabilities to rare cell and environmental applications, we’re here to help.

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