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Akadeum Life Sciences

Better Cells.
Better Science.

Our latest Leukopak product
is now GMP grade!

Enabling Better Science

With Ground-Breaking Microbubble Technology

An effective sample preparation step is critical to most biological workflows to reduce sort time, increase the quality of results, and deliver a robust population of cells or other analytes for downstream use.

Current technologies have failed to meet the needs of evolving scientific research and industries—and that shortcoming has a negative impact on everything from healthcare costs to research results.

At Akadeum, we specialize in the isolation of high-value biological targets using our buoyant, floatation-based microbubble technology to improve workflow results.

Akadeum Technology
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Your Workflow, Simplified

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The Akadeum Advantage

Higher Yield

Increased Scalability

Healthier Cells

Time Saving

Eco Friendly

How it Works

Three simple stages of buoyant separation

Step #

1. Microbubbles mix with the sample.

Step #

2. Microbubbles capture target cells.

Step #

3. Target cells float to the surface for removal.


More Than Microbubbles

We’re tackling the bigger questions through partnerships

At the heart of it, our microbubbles offer a simple and elegant solution to a nearly infinite range of applications and industries. We are actively seeking partner relationships to find new and innovative ways to functionalize our technology to solve big problems. As industry needs have evolved over the last decades, existing technology has essentially remained unchanged – which is where our platform technology comes in. Whatever challenges you may be facing, from scaling up diagnostic capabilities to rare cell and environmental applications, we’re here to help.

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