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AlerionTM Microbubble Cell Separation System

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A solution to meet your cell isolation needs: The AlerionTM Microbubble Cell Separation System.

The state-of the-art AlerionTM Microbubble Cell Separation System improves cell therapy workflows — starting with process development all the way through therapy manufacturing – making it faster, gentler, and more scalable. The closed system integrates cell selection and microbubble separation into one seamless workflow.

The AlerionTM Microbubble System is:

  • Versatile – Supports a breadth of starting materials, applications, and kits.
  • Higher Yield – Isolates more cells that are ready for activation and expansion, cell culture, molecular assays, and more.
  • Easy to use – Processes samples semi-automatically, requiring minimal training and reducing manual error.
  • Saves Time – Isolates cells from one or two samples simultaneously with less than an hour of processing time per run.
  • Compliance – Alerion™ is made under ISO 13485 and is 21 CFR 11 compliant. The BioRise™ consumable meets stringent GMP requirements for both use in research but also in processing and manufacturing for cell and gene therapy.
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