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Akadeum is a semi-finalist in the XPRIZE Rapid Covid Testing competition.

Updated on Aug 4, 2023

Akadeum is a semi-finalist in the XPRIZE Rapid Covid Testing competition.

Akadeum is pleased to announce that we are a semi-finalist in the XPRIZE Rapid Covid Testing competition. We have recently expanded our microbubble platform by functionalizing our revolutionary buoyancy-activated separation technology for RNA isolation in saliva samples. Our goal is to create a workflow that allows for quick and easy RNA extraction in larger volume samples, creating a platform for pooled saliva testing that can be done at scale.

Society’s most vulnerable citizens and populations are disproportionately affected by Covid-19, with tests being inaccessible, too expensive or too slow. Communities are being forced to shut down. Economies are crippled due to Covid-19.

Launched on July 28, 2020, XPRIZE Rapid Covid Testing is a $5 million, 6-month competition that aims to increase Covid-19 testing capabilities 100-times past our current standard, the level of increase needed to more safely return to everyday activities.

219 teams moved on to the semi-finals after being assigned a “pass” by XPRIZE judges. Semi-finalist teams will be sent a blinded Proficiency Test Kit and be required to accurately identify which samples contain Covid-19. Teams will have one week to submit their results to the XPRIZE Data Collaborative, where their results will be scored on specificity, sensitivity, and limits of detection.

Finalists will be announced October 23, 2020, and from there they will have two weeks to send their testing kits and protocols to two separate laboratories for clinical validation. To ensure a fair competition with comparable results, samples within each lab will be split and tested across multiple tests.

A $1-million grand prize will be awarded to each of the top five teams that develop frequent, fast, cheap and easy Covid-19 screening solutions that help meet the surging demand for tests, and relieve the global supply chain. Final event details will be shared at a later date.

About Akadeum Life Sciences

Akadeum Life Sciences, Inc, is a private early stage life sciences company based in Ann Arbor, MI. Founded in 2014, Akadeum was established with the goal of advancing human health. Akadeum creates advanced isolation products and fundamentally changes the way that isolating chemical and biological targets is approached. Akadeum’s goal is to enable entirely new assays and workflows by delivering a microbubble platform technology that can isolate any sample, any volume, anywhere. For more information, visit


XPRIZE, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, is the global leader in designing and implementing innovative competition models to solve the world’s grandest challenges. Active competitions include the $20 Million NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE, the $10 Million Rainforest XPRIZE, the $10 Million ANA Avatar XPRIZE, the $5 Million IBM Watson AI XPRIZE, $5 Million XPRIZE Rapid Reskilling, XPRIZE NextGen Mask Challenge and $5 Million XPRIZE Rapid COVID Testing. For more information, visit

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