Enrichment of Rare Circulating Cells Using Microbubble-Based Preparation: Poster Presentation at EDRN 2021

March 2021

Enrichment of Rare Circulating Cells Using Microbubble-Based Preparation: Poster Presentation at EDRN 2021

Akadeum recently had the opportunity to present a poster presentation at The 12th Scientific Workshop of the Early Detection Research Network. 20th Year of EDRN: Making Cancer Detection Possible. Akadeum’s Microbubbles are a powerful tool for CTC sample preparation that minimizes mechanical force and eliminates magnetization of cells. This poster details an enrichment of rare circulating cells using a microbubble-based preparation.   Enrichment of Rare Circulating Cells Using Microbubble-Based Preparation …

Akadeum is a semi-finalist in the XPRIZE Rapid Covid Testing competition.

September 2020

Akadeum is a semi-finalist in the XPRIZE Rapid Covid Testing competition.

Akadeum is pleased to announce that we are a semi-finalist in the XPRIZE Rapid Covid Testing competition. We have recently expanded our microbubble platform by functionalizing our revolutionary buoyancy-activated separation technology for RNA isolation in saliva samples. Our goal is to create a workflow that allows for quick and easy RNA extraction in larger volume samples, creating a platform for pooled saliva testing that can be done at scale. Society’s …

Akadeum & NanoCellect Collaborating to Improve Rare-Cell Workflows and Results

June 2020

Akadeum & NanoCellect Collaborating to Improve Rare-Cell Workflows and Results

Akadeum Life Sciences, Inc., creators of a next generation floatation-based isolation platform, and NanoCellect Biomedical, Inc., a leader in the development and manufacturing of innovative and simple solutions for cell sorting, today jointly announced a new collaboration to improve rare-cell workflows. From single cell genomics to antibody discovery, researchers increasingly require more efficient, rapid, and gentle workflows to advance cellular research applications.  Use of the two gentle and high purity …

Akadeum Announces First Closing of Series A Financing Round

December 2019

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Akadeum closes funding to further commercialize its BACS™ Microbubble platform for next-generation sample preparation applications. Akadeum Life Sciences, Inc. announced an initial close of its Series A financing. The company is pursuing additional investment before final close during Q1 2020. These funds will enable Akadeum to focus its commercial adoption on how to solve longstanding problems in sample preparation. The investment includes several Michigan-based angel groups in addition to venture …

Akadeum and Agilent Team Up to Explore New Testing Workflow

October 2019


Novel Akadeum microbubble technology can be the answer to improved quality and reduced costs across multiple fields of testing. Akadeum Life Sciences, Inc., an Ann Arbor-based biotechnology company, announced today that it has entered into a collaboration with Agilent Technologies, Inc. to work toward a new method of isolating target molecules for detection. Akadeum aims to disrupt the status quo in isolation technology with their buoyant microbubbles. Notably, Akadeum is …

Akadeum Launches Seven New Products at Immunology 2019 Conference in San Diego

May 2019

Ann Arbor-based biotech company, Akadeum Life Sciences, announced the release of seven new products based on its proprietary microbubble technology. Akadeum Life Sciences today announced at Immunology 2019 the introduction of its first suite of products based on its microbubble technology. Unlike magnetic-based products, microbubbles use buoyancy to gently separate cells of interest within the tube—they simply float to the surface. Feedback from customers who participated in an early access …

George Dunbar Joins Akadeum’s Board of Directors

September 2018

Akadeum Life Sciences has recently added George Dunbar to our Board of Directors. George has spent his career as an executive and leader of numerous biotech companies. He most recently served as president and CEO of ISTO Biologics, a  private cell therapy and biologics company acquired by Thompson Street Capital in St. Louis, Missouri. Prior to ISTO, he was a Venture Partner with Arboretum Ventures, a leading life science venture …

First-of-Their-Kind Microbubble Products Commercially Available

September 2018

We are excited to announce that we making our microbubble-based T cell and B cell isolation kits available for purchase to early access users. A radical simplification over existing technologies, the use of microbubbles enables users to perform the entire cell separation process within a single tube and without a magnet. Akadeum has recently completed a beta testing program where key opinion leaders from across the United States performed testing …

Akadeum Advances Next Generation Cell Isolation Technology

April 2018

We have successfully demonstrated use of microbubbles for isolation of human T-cells and mouse B-cells. As a result, we are running a closed beta testing program with key thought leaders in immunology, cancer, and stem cell research. In order to examine circulating tumor cells for research or medical care, cancer specialists must first sift through tremendous numbers of normal cells. It is common for normal cells to outnumber cancer cells …

Akadeum Recognized for Best New Technology at CYTO Innovation

August 2017

Akadeum’s groundbreaking microbubble technology—which allows for fast, easy removal of target cells from biological samples—was recognized as the best new technology at CYTO Innovation 2017. Each year, the top minds in cytometry—which refers to the methodology used to extract quantitative information from individual cells—join together at ISAC’s CYTO Innovation to present the industry’s new technologies in the technology showcase. This year, we rose to the top as the clear winner. …

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