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Akadeum to present two posters at the CYTO Virtual Conference in June

Updated on Sep 13, 2023

Akadeum to present two posters at the CYTO Virtual Conference in June

Coming in June: Join Akadeum at CYTO 2021!

Akadeum has had two abstracts accepted for CYTO Virtual Interactive 2021, which is planned for June 7-10 this year. This year’s virtual conference promises to be a unique experience, and even though we may not be able to grab a cup of coffee together and chat in person, we’re looking forward to connecting virtually to share these two posters with flow core professionals around the world.

Enhanced Enrichment of iNKT cells from Mouse Splenocyte Preps Following Gentle and Rapid Depletion of Erythrocytes and B220+ B Cells with Akadeum’s BACS Microbubbles

In collaboration with the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, this poster will present findings on a novel method for depleting both erythrocytes and B220+ B cells from mouse spleen preps using Akadeum’s BACS microbubbles as a means for enriching low abundance T and iNKT cell populations.

Multiplexed Depletion of Cells from Whole Blood Samples Using Buoyancy-Activated Cell Sorting (BACS) to Enrich CD4+ Target Cells for Single Gene Expression Analysis

In collaboration with Fluidigm, this poster will present findings on the development of multiplex microbubbles capable of effectively depleting multiple target cell populations simultaneously, ultimately leading to purified CD4+ T cells from peripheral blood in ~25 minutes total processing time.

Please visit our event page to stay up-to-date on all things CYTO – we look forward to connecting with you there!

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