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Akadeum’s microbubbles are an innovative approach to separation technology that’s disrupting the status quo.

At Akadeum, we seek to improve human health by enabling better processes. We are revolutionizing the way separations are performed, including cell separation, nucleic acid extraction, chemical separation, and so much more. The power of our platform is that we’ve developed an elegant and easy-to-use technology that can enable faster, more accurate, and scalable workflows to solve the problems of tomorrow.

Meet Our Microbubbles

Stop losing your precious cells to harsh, outdated processing techniques.

Akadeum’s microbubble workflows are solving long-standing headaches in sample preparation across industries and applications. Our buoyant approach to separation eliminates many of the existing technical hurdles that are limiting improvements or effectiveness of processes today. The fast, easy, and efficient microbubble approach is exceptionally gentle, maintaining the health and viability of cells of interest. Microbubbles provide effective enrichment with increased recovery for better outcomes and results.

Cell Enrichment for Immunology Workflows

Microbubbles increase throughput, offer higher sensitivity and greater recovery, and eliminate the need for expensive equipment and consumables. Critically, the microbubble workflow is exceptionally gentle. This is especially important when enriching for delicate immune cells that are often lost or damaged using older technology like magnetics. Akadeum’s microbubble-based enrichment delivers incredible performance combined with ease-of-use, while maintaining the integrity of the target cell population.

Human T Cell Enrichment for mLs, not microliters

Akadeum’s Human T Cell Isolation Kits allow for quick, gentle, and easy enrichment prior to cell sorting that is specifically designed to maintain the health and physiology of delicate cells of interest while maximizing retention, delivering a highly enriched population of target cells to enable better science. With Akadeum’s microbubbles, you can quickly and easily interrogate the full sample volume – directly in the sample container – using a fast and easy workflow.

Sample Preparation for Flow Cytometry

Inadequate sample preparation is harmful and costly. Most biological workflows require an essential sample preparation step in order to isolate the target of interest prior to downstream processing (like flow cytometry or FACS). This step is absolutely critical prior to flow cytometry or FACS, as this ensures that the sample being processed contains as little background noise as possible. Effective sample preparation reduces sort time, increases the quality of results, and delivers a higher population of viable samples for downstream processing and analysis. Microbubbles harness the power of gravity for separation, maintaining cell health and physiology during enrichment and resulting in an incredibly pure population of rare and delicate cells for downstream applications like flow cytometry.

RBC Depletion for PBMCs and Dissociated Tissue Samples

Are you struggling with RBC contamination? Are lysis buffers damaging target cells or disturbing their normal physiology? Requiring only 3 simple steps and 10 minutes or less, Akadeum’s Human RBC Depletion Microbubbles remove contaminating red blood cells while keeping target cells happy and healthy. The entire process can be done directly in your sample container, no specialized equipment like magnets or columns necessary.

Dead Cell Removal (DCR) with Microbubbles

Dead cells are a common contaminant, and their presence can lead to any number of negative downstream impacts, including poor sort efficiencies, extended sort times, and an overall reduction in purity. Akadeum’s microbubble platform is uniquely well-suited for the targeted depletion of dead and dying cells while maintaining the health and physiology of live cells and other delicate analytes of interest. Not only is Akadeum’s microbubble depletion workflow fast, easy, and exceptionally gentle, but it is also scalable in both fluidic volume and the number of samples it can process concurrently – effectively eliminating common constraints of traditional approaches that require the use of magnets, columns, and other volume-limiting and time-intensive processing steps. Using Akadeum’s microbubbles to deplete dead and dying cells not only effectively removes the contaminating cells, but provides significantly better recovery (yield) of target cells.

Sample Preparation for Rare Cell Isolation (Tregs) using Microbubbles

Sample preparation is critical to the success of downstream applications, but achieving high-quality results requires that delicate cells of interest be pure and unaltered by harsh retrieval techniques. There is a strong need for efficient, rapid, and gentle sample preparation methods to keep up with the advancements in technology for assessing numerous aspects of cellular and molecular biology. Because current isolation techniques can be time consuming and induce stress on cells, development of a gentle and effective method to obtain a high purity of a small target cell population for downstream analysis is of the utmost importance. Akadeum’s microbubbles allow for quick, gentle, and easy enrichment prior to cell sorting in a process that takes only 30 minutes. Microbubble enrichment prior to cell sorting reduces cell sorting times 15-fold and results in highly pure and viable cells that are ready for downstream use.

RNA Extraction with Microbubbles

Akadeum Life Sciences has developed a novel RNA extraction platform based on the revolutionary BACS™ microbubble technology. Akadeum’s RNA Extraction Microbubbles overcome the classic limitations of magnetic bead-based extraction methods. Without the volume and equipment restrictions of magnetic bead-based technology, microbubbles offer a more flexible and sensitive option for RNA isolation that effectively allows for the processing of larger volume samples while pushing the limit of detection up to 91% lower. Akadeum’s effective, novel nucleic acid extraction protocol has been developed in a way that leverages the versatility of Akadeum’s microbubbles, allowing for critical advancements like customizable protocols to optimize downstream processing, scalability in both volume and number of samples, and an automatable process that can be completed on a single, standardized piece of equipment. The versatility of the microbubble platform for nucleic acid extraction extends to utility in various sample volumes, matrices, nucleic acid compositions, pathogens of interest, and automation platforms.

Leukopak Processing: Pan T Cell Isolation

Isolating Pan T cells from leukopaks can be a lengthy and expensive process, one that involves crucial cell separation steps, multiple magnetic columns, and small volume maneuvering. Akadeum’s BACS™ microbubble technology is a much-needed reimagination of cell separation techniques. It can save researchers precious time, resources, and funds by both reducing reactions to a single tube and being highly customizable to target Pan T cells. The margin of error from harsh cell environments, tube switching, and pour-offs can become a thing of the past in the lab. Using Akadeum microbubbles, a time-consuming and risky preparation step can become a robust protocol with high yield and reliable delivery every time, allowing researchers to focus on the T cell studies at hand.

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