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Human Cell Isolation Kits

Akadeum’s Buoyancy Activated Cell Sorting (BACS)™ Microbubble technology allows the gentle isolation of desired human immune cell subsets, including T cells, CD4+ cells, monocytes, B cells, and efficient red blood cell depletion. Through negative selection and gentle buoyancy, Akadeum’s human cell isolation kits provide a seamless process that maintains cell viability while yielding robust and pure cell populations.

Access a range of isolated cell populations using Akadeum’s human cell isolation kits. Quality assurance is essential across all isolated cell applications to ensure effective and representative treatment or testing downstream. BACS™ Microbubbles are coated in antibodies specifically tailored to the desired and unwanted cell types within a suspension. By negatively selecting for red blood cell contamination or unwanted cells, pure populations of specific cell types can be isolated without needing to handle the desired cells directly.

Akadeum now offers a positive-selection activation and expansion product for human T cells. Take samples from a leukopak to an activated cell population using activation and expansion after isolating cells of interest. By targeting CD3 and CD28, BACS™ Microbubbles can sift through the T cell population, stimulating scalable T cell activation and expansion while limiting damage. 

Learn more about all the solutions Akadeum offers for superior human immune cell isolation, activation, and expansion. Contact us with any product questions!

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