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Dead Cell Removal Products

Save Time and Improve Results With Akadeum’s Dead Cell Removal Kits

Removing dead cells from your cell population can be a time-consuming process that leads to inconsistent results. With Akadeum’s cutting-edge microbubble technology, you can remove dead cells in just 25 minutes, leaving your cells of interest untouched and ready for downstream applications. 

Our specially designed microbubbles are coated with annexin that binds to a phospholipid on the surface of dying cells. By eliminating the dead cells and debris with our gentle Buoyancy Activated Cell Sorting (BACS™) microbubbles, the healthy cell population is left undamaged and free of unwanted cells. Simply add the dead cell removal microbubbles to the cell sample and watch as the naturally buoyant microbubbles gently sort the sample of dead cells during centrifugation.

Dead cell contamination is common in various samples, including dissociated tissue, whole peripheral blood, or leukopak material. Removing dead cells from a cell sample provides multiple benefits to downstream isolation, assay, and analysis applications. Dead cells negatively affect the sample’s functionality and can trigger desired cells to go into apoptosis. By removing the dead cells, the population will exhibit improved viability and functional performance post-processing. 

Dead cells confound single-cell sequencing, flow cytometry, and cell culture producing noise and impacting expansion. Ensure accurate results with clean starting materials free of dead cell contamination with Akadeum’s Dead Cell Removal Kits. 

Contact Akadeum with any questions about our dead cell removal kits or our innovative microbubble technology!

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