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Can microbubbles be pelleted by centrifugation?

February 2016 Technical

In short, no. At least not a pellet that you would see at the bottom of your tube when you spin down cells. Instead, what happens is anything with a density greater than water sinks and sinks faster when in a centrifuge. And anything with a density less than water rises and rises faster when in a centrifuge. So, microbubbles all go to the same place in a tube, but …

The Physics of How Microbubbles Sort Cells

January 2016 Technical

The Physics of How Microbubbles Sort Cells

I’m going to devote this first post to floatation, which is the driving principle behind our cell sorting technology. It’s hard to imagine many other physical phenomena that humans have more of an intuition for than floating and sinking. The exact same rules of floating and sinking apply to a stem cell being lifted from a sample on the back of an Akadeum microbubble. In principal, it is as simple …