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Mouse Products

Akadeum specializes in developing mouse cell isolation kits to gently and efficiently separate desired cell subsets. Our specially designed mouse cell isolation products sort desired cell types from unwanted cell types, enabled by our Buoyancy Activated Cell Sorting ( BACS)™ Microbubbles and tailored antibody reagents. 

Immune cells extracted from mice are an essential research tool in various applications. Murine immune cells can be substituted in studies as model organisms due to their functional similarity to human immune cells. Differing by approximately 300 genes, murine immune cells can be studied for insights into the human immune system and cellular inflammatory response. Mice also share distinct immune cell types similar to those in the human body, such as naive and mature CD4+ T cells and memory T cells. 

Explore the robust cell populations accessible through our murine cell isolation line, including T cell and B cell isolation kits for both naive and mature cells. Ensure an untouched and pure final mouse cell population for superior performance further into the process. Contact our team for more information about our mouse cell isolation products or any questions you may have about Akadeum’s other cell isolation kits.

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