Mouse B Cell Isolation Kit


  • Akadeum’s Mouse B Cell Isolation Kit uses streptavidin-conjugated BACS microbubbles and biotinylated antibodies to enrich B cells from splenocytes
  • Negative selection enrichment method
  • Process 10 samples, up to 100  million cells per sample
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  • Akadeum’s Mouse B Cell Isolation Kit uses streptavidin-conjugated BACS microbubbles to negatively select B cells from splenocytes
  • Non-B cells (unwanted cells) are labeled with biotinylated antibodies and subsequently mixed with microbubbles
  • Once bound to unwanted cells, microbubbles enable rapid cell removal without a column or magnet
  • High purity mouse B cells are left untouched and ready for downstream applications


  • No column
  • No magnet
  • Up to 95% purity
  • High yield
  • Easy to use
  • Fast
  • Untouched and viable cells

Capacity: Kit for 109 total cells

Components of Mouse B Cell Isolation Kit (Product # 12210-110):

  • BACS Streptavidin Microbubbles
  • Mouse B Cell Antibody Cocktail (containing biotin-CD3, CD4, CD8a, CD11b, CD11c, CD49b, Gr-1, and TER119)
  • Separation buffer


  • Antibody cocktail: Phosphate buffered solution containing 0.09% sodium azide
  • Microbubbles: Aqueous solution
  • Separation buffer: Phosphate buffered solution containing 0.5% BSA and 2 mM EDTA
  • Storage: Store all components at 4°C

Cell Type: Naive/resting B cells

Sample Species and Source: Mouse spleen. Lysis of red blood cells prior to use is strongly encouraged. Other mouse starting materials have not been evaluated by Akadeum and may require additional user optimization

Cell Separation Method: Negative Selection

Area of Research: Immunology

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Microbubbles were used to enrich mouse splenocytes to a purity of 93.9% from a 48.7% starting purity (shown below).

mouse b cell enrichment flow data


Mouse B Cell Isolation Kit Product Info Sheet