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Introduction to Akadeum

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At Akadeum Life Sciences, we have developed a revolutionary approach to sample preparation that uses our proprietary, buoyant microbubble technology to quickly and easily enrich your sample for the analyte(s) of interest while maintaining target cell health and physiology.

Elegant in Simplicity, Powerful in Application

Our buoyant approach to separation eliminates many of the existing technical hurdles that are limiting improvements or effectiveness of processes today. Unlike with magnetic bead-based separation, microbubbles do not have the same volume and equipment restrictions. Our microbubbles are gently mixed into the sample where they engage the targets, before isolating those targets through floatation-based separation. It’s that simple! We’ve taken technology that traditionally requires additional vessels and equipment to accomplish this separation and put it into a single container where it’s self-separating.

Akadeum’s next-generation technology overcomes long-standing headaches with traditional sample preparation like magnetic bead-based separation. Akadeum’s microbubbles are equipment-free and can enable both low-volume and large-volume separations. Our sensitive and specific microbubbles enable effective capture of targets of low abundance while eliminating issues with non-specific binding. Critically, the microbubble workflow is exceptionally gentle, which is especially valuable when enriching for delicate targets that can be damaged or lost using older technology like magnetics. With microbubbles, throughput is not limited by access to expensive, specialized equipment which enables sample preparation that can be done at scale.

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