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A Superior Dead Cell Removal Platform Using Microbubbles

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Catch the highlights from Akadeum’s webinar: A Superior Dead Cell Removal Platform Using Microbubbles.

Dead cells are a common headache when it comes to sample preparation. Their presence can lead to any number of negative downstream impacts, including poor sort efficiencies, extended sort times, and an overall reduction in purity. Buoyancy-Activated Cell SortingTM (BACSTM), Akadeum’s patented approach to separation, offers a novel approach to Dead Cell Removal (DCR).

Akadeum’s microbubble platform is uniquely well-suited for the targeted depletion of dead and dying cells while maintaining the health and physiology of live cells and other delicate analytes of interest. Not only is Akadeum’s microbubble depletion workflow fast, easy, and exceptionally gentle, but it is also scalable in both fluidic volume and the number of samples it can process concurrently – effectively eliminating common constraints of traditional approaches that require the use of magnets, columns, and other volume-limiting and time-intensive processing steps.

Not only is the microbubble workflow exceptionally fast to perform, but Akadeum’s revolutionary approach to DCR effectively removes PS+ cells while providing significantly better recovery (yield) of target cells than magnetic bead-based DCR.

If you’re interested in seeing the presentation in its entirety, the full webinar is available to view on-demand in our Webinar Archive.

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