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Akadeum CEO on Sirius XM with Steve Blank

Updated on Aug 4, 2023

Akadeum CEO Brandon McNaughton recently sat down for a discussion on Sirius XM with Steve Blank. Steve interviewed Brandon as part of Entrepreneurs are Everywhere, and they discussed topics ranging from cell separation with microbubbles to figuring out how to move an idea from an idea to sales.

See select quotes from the interview below.

Entrepreneurs are Everywhere

“The show follows the journeys of founders who share what it takes to build a startup—from restaurants to rocket scientists, to online gifts to online groceries, and more. The program examines the DNA of entrepreneurs: what makes them tick, how they came up with their ideas; and explores the habits that make them successful and the highs and lows that pushed them forward.”

Brandon McNaughton

“A tech entrepreneur and inventor, Brandon McNaughton was entrepreneur in residence for Detroit Innovate, an early-stage venture fund. Brandon’s current startup, Akadeum, was one of the 760 teams to go through the National Science Foundation (NSF) Innovation Corps, which teaches scientists and engineers how to take their science out of the lab and into the marketplace.”

“Akadeum Life Sciences is doing something that most biotechs don’t, says CEO Brandon McNaughton: practicing the lean startup method, which puts a heavy focus on customer discovery and feedback.”

“It was this process of talking to customers that inspired Ann Arbor, MI-based Akadeum to develop the Application Discovery Program, a tool it uses to help customers with their research that we’ll delve deeper into in a minute. It’s an ambitious undertaking for a startup that is already working to change the way cell sorting is performed and thought about.”

The interview was featured in The Huffington Post.

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