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Akadeum CEO Brandon McNaughton Part of Michigan Founders Fund Milestone

Published on Aug 9, 2023

Bio photos of Michigan Founders Fund members

Brandon McNaughton, CEO and co-founder of Akadeum Life Sciences, was recently highlighted with other influential Michigan-based thought leaders in a Purpose Job’s recent article celebrating Michigan Founders Fund’s 100-member milestone.

The Michigan Founders Fund (MFF) recently celebrated reaching over 100 members in its statewide venture network supporting high-growth entrepreneurs. MFF members pledge 1% of equity to a fund for grantmaking focused on underrepresented founders, local talent development, and racial equity. Among the members is Brandon McNaughton who joined seeking a community of like-minded founders dedicated to giving back so others can benefit too.

“I was looking for a supportive and selfless community of like-minded founders who have a shared desire to give back, so that others can benefit as well. The pledge fosters a sense of belonging and provides a means for members to give back, contributing not only to entrepreneurship but also to other local initiatives.” – Brandon McNaughton

For startups like Akadeum at the cutting edge of technology, MFF also fosters connections to help founders access available funding.

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