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Brandon McNaughton’s Interview Featured on PharmTech and BioPharm International

Updated on Jan 3, 2024

Scientist Holding a Vial in a Lab

Brandon McNaughton, Founder and CEO of Akadeum Life Sciences, recently conducted an interview with Grant Playter, Associate Editor, now featured on the PharmTech and BioPharm International websites. In this interview, McNaughton discussed Akadeum’s groundbreaking microbubble separation technology and its role in the evolving landscape of cell and gene therapies.

McNaughton’s extensive experience, including over 15 years in magnetic beads and nanoparticles, and his background in startup ventures and venture capital, provide valuable insights. He shared the company’s journey, management strategies, and the unique microbubble separation technique developed by Akadeum.

With a Ph.D. in applied physics from the University of Michigan, McNaughton’s expertise offers readers an opportunity to delve into the future of life sciences and biotechnology through the lens of Akadeum’s innovative approach.

For more in-depth insights, the full interview can be accessed on the PharmTech and BioPharm International websites, offering a closer look at the exciting advancements in the field.

Watch the full interview at PharmTech.

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