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Akadeum CEO’s Interview With BioWorld: Alerion System to Transform Cell Therapy

Published on Jan 3, 2024

Alerion™ Device Logo

Brandon McNaughton, CEO of Akadeum Life Sciences Inc., recently shared insights with BioWorld about the company’s Alerion™ Microbubble Cell Separation System, set to transform cell therapy.

Akadeum, established in 2014, has developed a unique microbubble-based cell separation technology. The Alerion™ Microbubble Cell Separation System promises to overcome the limitations of existing methods, offering better workflows, scalability, and productivity.

The Alerion™ system uses a two-chamber consumable, allowing microbubbles to adhere to specific cells, floating T cells to the top while leaving unwanted cells behind. This automated process takes less than an hour, enhancing cell recovery while reducing errors.

The system’s potential to speed up cell separation and lower costs could make cell therapy more accessible. Current procedures can take up to 30 days, posing risks to patients. Akadeum’s vision goes beyond profit, aiming to make cell therapy accessible worldwide, drawing parallels with the aviation industry’s evolution. The technology also holds promise in diagnostics.

The Alerion™ Microbubble Cell Separation System offers hope and improved access to life-saving treatments.

“It is a tragedy if somebody dies from preventable death. What we believe in in Akadeum is a future where cell therapy is accessible. Where it is pervasive around the world and … that is going to take multiple companies over multiple years working on that.” —Brandon McNaughton

Read the full article at BioWorld.

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