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CEO Brandon McNaughton Publishes Cell Therapy Cancer Treatments Opinion Piece

Published on Nov 8, 2023

3d Rendering of an immune system T cell killing a cancer cell

Akadeum Life Sciences CEO and Co-Founder Brandon McNaughton’s article “Opinion: Cell Therapy Cancer Treatments Are Coming. Now to Make Them More Accessible.” was recently published by BioSpace. BioSpace is a tier 1 life sciences trade publication renowned for delivering the latest industry news and expert analysis.

Cell and gene therapies like CAR T cell treatment offer immense promise for cancer, but current high costs limit accessibility. Companies aim to reduce costs by optimizing manufacturing and leveraging automation, data, and economies of scale. The goal is to eventually make these revolutionary therapies, with their potential to cure cancers, affordable and accessible to all patients in need.

“When commercial air travel first arrived, it was so expensive that only the wealthy could afford it. Now, airline operations are so efficient, operating at such scale, that air travel has become affordable for many people. My hope is that cell and gene therapy is on a similar path, bringing the promise of curative therapies to the masses.” — Brandon McNaughton

Read the full article at BioSpace.

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