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Microbubbles Offer Accessible and Effective Cancer Treatments

Published on Jan 2, 2024

Cancer Treatment Concept With Microbubbles

Akadeum Life Sciences CEO and Co-Founder Brandon McNaughton‘s recent article, “Microbubbles: The Unlikely Key to Providing Accessible and Effective Cancer Treatments,” has been published by Onco’Zine. Onco’Zine informs and supports healthcare professionals, academics, and pharmaceutical experts in oncology, covering the latest research and developments in the field.

McNaughton discusses how Akadeum’s microbubble technology can revolutionize T cell isolation, reducing costs and improving the efficacy of cell therapies like CAR T cell therapy. Traditional cancer treatments rely on surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. However, immunotherapies, like CAR T cell therapy, have shown promise in eradicating advanced leukemia and lymphoma. The article highlights the financial challenges associated with CAR T cell therapy.

Microbubble technology offers a more efficient and cost-effective solution. These air-filled particles can isolate cells in just 60 minutes using gravity alone, preserving cell quality and reducing damage. This breakthrough makes CAR T cell therapies more accessible and affordable.

McNaughton’s article emphasizes the need for the healthcare industry to embrace microbubble technology to improve cancer treatment outcomes and accessibility. It represents a significant step forward in cell separation techniques, offering hope for cancer patients worldwide.

“Microbubble technology maximizes both cell purity and yield, not only enhancing the potency of cancer cell therapies but also making treatment more cost-effective for both patients and providers.” — Brandon McNaughton

Read the full article at Onco’Zine.

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