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Affordable Cell Therapies and Microbubble Technology Piece Published by CEO Brandon McNaughton

Published on Nov 27, 2023

Cancer Cells Being Targeted

Akadeum Life Sciences CEO and Co-Founder Brandon McNaughton’s article “CAR T Cell Therapy Is Offering Life-lines to Cancer Patients, but Only to Those Who Can Afford It” was recently published by Medical Device News Magazine. Medical Device News Magazine is a US-based publication that aims to inform and educate medical specialists on breaking device news across various specialties, including general surgery, neurosurgery, artificial intelligence, FDA updates, diagnostic modalities, and executive insights. 

Cell therapies represent the most promising prospect for cancer patients today. Immunotherapy has already demonstrated its effectiveness in treating various cancer types, marking it as the most promising innovation in cancer treatment since the development of chemotherapy in the 1940s. However, to truly consider this breakthrough successful, it is imperative that these therapies become accessible to all individuals living with cancer.

The cell separation process, often overlooked in the realm of science, plays a crucial role in creating cancer treatments that are both effective and affordable. Current methods of cell separation employed by oncology teams are primarily used because better alternatives are lacking. Akadeum’s microbubble technology now offers a cost-effective and more efficient approach, potentially revolutionizing treatment accessibility and outcomes for all patients within the cancer care industry.

“Microbubble technology is offering a more simple approach to a nearly infinite range of applications, including cell separation. The natural properties of the microbubble are allowing practitioners to provide less expensive and more powerful treatments for patients.” — Brandon McNaughton

Read the full article at Medical Device News Magazine.

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