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Akadeum Life Sciences Release Their Revolutionary Human T cell Activation and Expansion Kit

Updated on Sep 18, 2023

The gentle microbubble floatation process not only produces healthier cells, but is also a quicker, more efficient, and cost effective solution compared to outdated legacy methods.

ANN ARBOR, Mich., Sept. 7, 2023Akadeum Life Sciences, the global leaders in buoyancy-based cell separation technology, have today announced the release of their ‘Human T Cell Activation & Expansion Kit’ with Buoyancy Activated Cell Sorting (BACS) microbubbles. The first-of-its-kind kit is designed to isolate, activate, and expand T cells from a sample in one simple workflow.

In 2023, CAR T cell therapy can cost between $500,000 and $1,000,000. Being one of the most expensive Medicare diagnosis-related drugs, the collection and manufacturing of T cells plays a large role in this excessive cost. Akadeum’s microbubble technology provides a more economical, cost-effective solution, that is faster, and more adept at maintaining cell physiology. This powerful kit uses BACS microbubble technology to isolate highly pure populations of T cells, activate, and expand them for use in cell therapy.

Current cell isolation methods include magnetic-activated cell separation (MACS®) and fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS). These techniques are well established yet have limitations, time-consuming workflows, are expensive, and can provide unhealthy cells which can hinder scientific developments. By sidestepping the negative effects of legacy methods, Akadeum’s activation and expansion microbubbles provide scientists and researchers with a quick, more efficacious, and cost-effective solution, ultimately allowing them to provide better treatments for patients.

T cells are labelled with an antibody cocktail targeting CD3 and CD28 co-stimulation to which the activation and expansion microbubbles bind. Due to the natural buoyancy of the microbubbles, the positively selected T cells then gently float to the top of the suspension. Activation and expansion take place at the top surface of the vessel, as T cells expand, they gently fall to the bottom preventing overstimulation and producing a higher cell yield of healthier cells.

This kit is compatible with a wide variety of cell culture systems, including standard well plates, specialty plates (such as Wilson Wolf G-Rex®), or gas-permeable bags, making it easily adaptable to a variety of workflows.

Brandon McNaughton, PhD., Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Akadeum, comments: “Manufacturing and workflow practices need to catch up with the pioneering scientific advancements taking place in the oncology field. This gentle and ecofriendly process has the potential to save cell and gene therapy company’s valuable effort and time, transforming current solutions into more effective and economical treatments. Akadeum’s ‘Human T Cell Activation & Expansion Kit’ is an addition to our expanding portfolio of products. This launch also reinforces Akadeum’s goal of revolutionizing the cell separation industry, propelling us one step closer to getting our product to clinical trials.”

Casey Wegner, Vice President of R&D at Akadeum, added: “The isolation, activation, and expansion of highly purified cells has become a necessity for CAR T cell therapy. The gentle microbubble floatation process not only produces healthier cells, but is also a quicker, more efficient, and cost effective solution compared to outdated legacy methods. Our kit rapidly simplifies, optimizes, and streamlines the cell therapy workflow for professionals, ultimately making cell and gene therapy available for all of those in need.”

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