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Akadeum’s History of Introducing Innovative New Products at ASGCT Continues

Published on May 7, 2024

Akadeum, the sole proprietor of ground-breaking microbubble technology, is expanding its market-leading product portfolio by announcing transformative new products at ASGCT.

ANN ARBOR, MI, May 7, 2024Akadeum Life Sciences, the industry leader in buoyancy-based cell separation, is announcing a number of innovative new products at the American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy’s 27th Annual Meeting in Baltimore, Maryland, today. The unparalleled speed of Akadeum’s product development has resulted in a comprehensive range of GMP-grade solutions, underlining their commitment to transforming clinical cell therapy research and development for millions of patients worldwide.

Akadeum’s microbubble cell separation technology uses gravity to provide a scalable and cost-effective alternative to legacy separation techniques such as magnetic-activated cell separation (MACS®) and fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS). Microbubbles increase the yield of healthy cells at a scale not previously seen, enhancing cell therapy workflows and maximizing each dollar spent on cell and gene therapy. The industry has long suffered from limited selection capacities, suboptimal cell viability, and slow manufacturing processes, fuelling the price of expensive treatments such as CAR T cell therapy, which can now cost up to $1M per patient.

For over a decade, Akadeum has been at the forefront of cell therapy innovation, launching their first RUO Human T Cell Leukopak Isolation Kit in 2022, followed by the launch of a GMP-grade version of the T Leukopak Cell Isolation kit in 2023. Now, Akadeum is breaking new ground by introducing its first Clinical Ready GMP product, highlighting Akadeum’s rapid advancement in the field of novel cell therapies, diagnostic sensitivities, and human health. Their new products include:

  • The Human T Cell Depletion Kit – CR: For the robust removal of CD3-expressing T-cells from cell therapy manufacturing cultures, such as allogeneic CAR T-cell therapies.
  • The Human T Cell Selection, Activation, and Expansion Kit – CR: A clinical-ready solution to maximize efficiency and healthy cells.
  • The Human CD14+ Monocyte Leukopak Isolation Kit – GMP Grade: To isolate monocytes for advanced therapeutic applications while manufactured to meet the highest quality and safety standards.

“Akadeum is proud to continue our track record of rapid product development by announcing our first Clinical Ready GMP product at ASGCT. With Akadeum’s new Human T Cell and Monocyte kits, organizations and researchers will have access to an unmatched yield of healthy cells at a lower cost than existing methods of separation,” commented Casey Wegner, Vice President of R&D at Akadeum. “We are proud to contribute to ASGCT’s storied history of introducing innovative new products to market, doubling down on our unwavering commitment to transforming the outcomes of patients in most need of access to affordable cell therapy treatment.”

We welcome you to join us at ASGCT in Booth #2244 from May 7 – 11 to discover the future of cell and gene therapy today. Contact us to schedule a meeting, and for more information, visit us at

About Akadeum Life Sciences, Inc.

Akadeum Life Sciences was formed to solve long-standing challenges in sample preparation across research, diagnostics, and cell therapy markets with a novel flotation-based target isolation platform technology. Akadeum is the first company to commercialize BACS™ (buoyancy activated cell sorting) Microbubble kits for cell isolation and the only company that can perform negative selection at scale and in a closed system. Akadeum’s advances in effectively isolating biological targets (e.g. DNA, proteins, or cells from biological samples) is reshaping the entire separation market – from nucleic acid extraction to cell isolation.

Beyond our technological innovations, Akadeum is deeply committed to making a tangible difference in people’s lives, patients and researchers alike. Our solution not only places patient needs at the forefront of our mission but also facilitates and empowers the efforts of dedicated researchers striving to provide outcomes in a landscape that has been slow to evolve.

Inquiries into Akadeum’s products, technology, or partnership opportunities can be made at

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