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First-of-Their-Kind Microbubble Products Commercially Available

Updated on Jan 4, 2020

We are excited to announce that we making our microbubble-based T cell and B cell isolation kits available for purchase to early access users. A radical simplification over existing technologies, the use of microbubbles enables users to perform the entire cell separation process within a single tube and without a magnet.

Akadeum has recently completed a beta testing program where key opinion leaders from across the United States performed testing and provided feedback.

“The results from our beta testing program were fantastic, and we already have testers becoming customers. As a result of the success of the program, we are scaling up to fully launch products in the early part of 2019,” said John Younger, Akadeum’s co-founder and chief science officer.

In addition to the isolation kits, we have made our BACS™ Streptavidin Microbubbles and Human Red Blood Cell Depletion Microbubbles available for purchase through this offering as well.

Key advantages of Akadeum’s microbubble products include:

  • Cost savings due to eliminating expensive magnets and columns
  • Simplified workflows that come from incorporating the entire separation within a standard laboratory tube
  • Ability to run multiple samples at the same time (unlike magnetic methods, which require an additional magnet for each additional sample)

For more information, contact us.

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