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Human CD4+ T Cell Isolation Kit


Akadeum’s Human CD4+ T Cell Isolation Kit delivers a highly enriched population of healthy, viable CD4+ T cells using a protocol that is fast, easy, and exceptionally gentle on delicate immune cells.

  • This kit is designed to process 10 samples, up to 100 million cells per sample
  • Fast & easy workflow enriches human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) for CD4+ T cells in 30 minutes
  • No magnet, no column, no harsh chemicals
  • Microbubble enrichment maintains cell health and physiology

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Product Details

Akadeum’s Human CD4+ T Cell Isolation Kit delivers a high-purity population of human CD4+ T cells that are ready for downstream use. Use of these microbubbles to enrich human PBMC samples for CD4+ T cells prior to flow sorting can greatly reduce final sort times, helping to isolate more cells for better science. Akadeum’s microbubble workflow is exceptionally gentle on cells, helping to maintain the health and physiology of immune cells during enrichment.

Mechanism of Action: Akadeum’s Human CD4+ T Cell Isolation Kit uses a negative selection method to remove unwanted cell populations from the sample, effectively enriching for the T cells of interest while maintaining cellular physiology. The undesired (non-CD4+ T) cells are labeled with Akadeum’s optimized cocktail of biotinylated antibodies targeting CD8, CD11b, CD14, CD16, CD19, CD36, CD56, CD123, CD235a, and TCR-γδ. Streptavidin-coated microbubbles are then mixed into the sample, binding to the labeled cells and floating them to the top of the sample container for removal.

How it Works: First, Akadeum’s biotinylated antibody cocktail is added to the sample to label the contaminating cells. Next, the microbubbles are mixed into the sample where the seek out and bind to the unwanted cells. Once bound, they quickly and gently float the undesired cells to the surface. An optional centrifugation step pellets the CD4+ T cells, and the microbubbles, microbubble-bound cells, and supernatant are easily aspirated away leaving the untouched and enriched CD4+ T cells happy, healthy, and ready for downstream use.

Additional Information:

  • Storage: 4°C
  • Cell Type: Naïve / resting CD4+ T cells
  • Sample Species and Source: Human PBMCs
  • Cell Separation Method: Negative Selection
  • Capacity: 1 billion cells

This kit comes with:

  • Akadeum’s BACS™ Streptavidin Microbubbles
  • Akadeum’s Human CD4+ T Cell Antibody Cocktail
  • Separation Buffer (Ca2+ and Mg2+ free PBS containing 2 mM EDTA, 0.5% biotin-free BSA)
  • 5mL Eppendorf Tubes

For best results, the following supplies are recommended:

  • Low retention 1mL pipet tips
  • Centrifuge with swinging bucket rotor
  • Vacuum aspirator

Key Features

Akadeum’s Human CD4+ T Cell Isolation Kit delivers a highly-enriched population of healthy, viable CD4+ T cells using our fast, easy, and gentle microbubble protocol. Ideal for enrichment of rare and delicate immune cells, Akadeum’s novel Buoyancy Activated Cell Separation (BACS™) technology retains precious cells during the enrichment process. Cell isolation occurs directly in the sample container, eliminating the need to expose rare and delicate cells to harsh chemicals or harmful shear forces. Because no additional equipment is required, cell loss is avoided and the health and physiology of Human CD4+ T cells is maintained. The end result is a highly-pure population of CD4+ T cells that are happy, healthy, and ready for downstream use.

Elevated Solutions for Sample Preparation:

  • Retain precious, rare cells and avoid cell loss
  • No magnet, no column, no additional equipment
  • Fast and easy workflow takes only 30 minutes
  • Highly enriched, viable human CD4+ T cells

Elegant in Simplicity, Powerful in Application

Akadeum’s microbubble technology harnesses the power of buoyancy in a fast, easy and gentle workflow without the need for additional equipment. This unique, gentle approach maintains cell health and physiology.


No magnet. No column. Happy cells.

We’ve taken technology that traditionally requires additional equipment to accomplish targeted cell separation and put it into a single container where it’s self-separating. No harmful shear forces, no exposure to external forces like magnetic gradients. Stop losing your precious cells to harsh, outdated processing techniques.

Experience the benefits of a microbubble workflow. Akadeum’s Microbubbles Are:

  • Magnet-free, protecting your cells from harsh magnetic forces and eliminating the need for additional (and expensive!) equipment
  • Column-free, using microbubbles directly in the sample vial to separate cells allows for quick and easy isolation of any sample, any volume, anywhere
  • Gentle on cells, harnessing the targeted efficiency of affinity molecules coupled with the power of buoyancy to gently separate via flotation
  • Reliable and consistent, delivering fast and easy results that can be scaled for larger volumes with workflows that are compatible with nearly any downstream processing

Looking for Answers?

At Akadeum Life Sciences, our team is committed to your success. We thrive on problem-solving and are dedicated to helping the researchers we work with see exceptional results. If you’re interested in leveraging the microbubble platform to overcome existing hurdles in your sample preparation processes, we want to hear from you! You can speak directly to our team of scientists who are available to help you with an optimized workflow that takes advantage of our microbubble technology and solves long-standing headaches in sample preparation. Schedule a call today, we’d love to start a conversation!

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Isolation of human CD4+ T cells from PBMCs was performed using Akadeum Life Sciences Human CD4+ T Cell Isolation Kit (#13210-130). Cells were labeled with CD4-PerCP/Cy5.5 and CD8-PE. Dead cells and debris were excluded from analysis. Human CD4+ T Cells Flow Plots


Workflow in Use:

Regulatory T cells (Tregs) represent a rare and important cell population in the immune system. A highly specialized subpopulation of T cells, Tregs account for only 4-10% of the total CD4+ T cell population and constitute merely 1-5% of all peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs), making them a rare target of interest that can be challenging to isolate in a large enough population for meaningful downstream analysis. Because Tregs express CD4, a sample preparation step using Akadeum’s CD4+ T Cell Microbubbles allows for fast, easy, and exceptionally gentle enrichment prior to cell sorting.

Using Akadeum’s Human CD4+ T Cell Kit ahead of flow sorting can provide a highly-enriched population of CD4+ T cells from PBMC samples using a rapid, gentle, and efficient protocol that reduces final sort times 15-fold while improving cell viability and lowering costs.

Illustrative CD4+ T Cell Enrichment with Human CD4+ T Cell Isolation Kit from Akadeum Life Sciences. Isolation of human CD4+ T cells from PBMCs was performed, cells were labeled as indicated, and analyzed on a CytoFLEX flow cytometer. A.) Flow plots showing an example before and after CD4+ T cell enrichment. B.) Before and after CD4+ T cell enrichment results from one-day old PBMCs (n=7). Dead cells and debris were excluded from all analysis.

Using microbubbles and microfluidic flow cytometry to enrich Treg cells created a sample in which the CD4+ T cell population made up 95-98% of cells within the lymphocyte gage and Tregs within the lymphocyte population went from an average of 1% to 85-94%.

Sorting Enriched Sample with WOLF® Cell Sorter Yields High Purity Treg Population. A.) Percentage of CD4+ T prior to enrichment (green bars) and after microbubble enrichment sorting (blue bars). n=1-2 per donor. B.) Percentage of Tregs prior to enrichment (green bars) and after microbubble enrichment sorting (blue bars). n=1-2 per donor.

Using Akadeum’s quick and easy CD4+ T cell enrichment microbubbles prior to Treg isolation via cell sorting led to a significant reduction in the overall time needed to obtain a sufficient number of pure, viable Treg cells for downstream applications like single-cell sequencing. The microbubbles combined with NanoCellect’s WOLF® sorter maintained exceptional purity, reduced enrichment times 15-fold, and increased sorting speed without introducing additional shear stress.

Looking to learn more? Download the App Note:

Combining Microbubbles and Cell Sorting for Quick & Gentle Isolation of Unique Cell Populations



How to Use Akadeum’s Human CD4+ T Cell Isolation Microbubbles:

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