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CD4+ T Cell Isolation Kit

CD4+ Isolation Using Akadeum T Cell Isolation Kits 

When it comes to CD4+ T cell isolation, quality is everything. That’s why Akadeum offers a range of gentle, effective isolation kits that result in highly pure and robust cell populations. Cells of interest are left untouched by targeting unwanted cells via negative selection. 

Our microbubble technology uses specific antibodies that target unwanted cells, allowing for the isolation of CD4+ T cells from samples with minimal interference. Whether you’re isolating human or mouse cells, our solutions provide accurate and reliable results—every time.

CD4+ cells, or T-helper cells, are lymphocytes that carry a unique surface receptor, CD4, allowing them to communicate with other immune cells. This receptor facilitates its crucial role in activating and regulating the immune response. The isolation of CD4+ cells offers insight into various research and clinical applications, providing a model for disease progression, proliferation, and treatment efficacy. Additionally, CD4+ cells are integral to immunotherapy, where they are collected and expanded in a lab setting before being transfused into a patient. 

Accessing high-quality CD4+ populations is vital for successful research and clinical use. Akadeum provides superior CD4+ Isolation Kits with a straightforward protocol for perfect isolation in about a half hour. 

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