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Human T Cell Depletion Kit – GMP Grade

13510-231GMP - Human T Cell Depletion Kit – (1 Billion Cells)
13510-232GMP - Human T Cell Depletion Kit – (5 Billion Cells)
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With quality standards built into the design and manufacturing process at every step, Akadeum’s Human T Cell Depletion Kit – GMP uses microbubbles to remove unedited T cells from CAR T cultures. Unwanted T cells expressing CD3 are positively isolated using a cocktail of biotinylated anti-CD3 antibodies, which are then captured using our buoyant Depletion Microbubbles that gently float to the top of the sample. This leaves a highly pure sample of engineered cells untouched and ready for downstream formulation. The highly scalable nature of this process means that it can easily be incorporated into a wide variety of cell therapy manufacturing workflows.

  • Scalable to fit your cell therapy workflow needs.
  • Highly pure sample of CD3 negative cells post-depletion.
  • Increased recovery of gene-edited cells for downstream formulation.
  • Flexibility to integrate into many existing workflows.
  • Gentle process maintains the health of the cell therapy product.
  • GMP grade with stringent documentation and processes, traceability, and strict adherence to standards.
  • Available in two sizes: 1 Billion Cells and 5 Billion Cells.

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Product Details

Akadeum’s Human T Cell Depletion Kit – GMP was designed to address an unmet need for purifying CAR T cells for cell therapies. This solution surpasses purity requirements, removing over 95% of CD3-positive cells while returning nearly all of the engineered cells for downstream use. Akadeum’s T Cell Depletion kits are designed to scale with the needs of therapy developers. Whether processing 10 million or 5 billion cells, these kits are perfect for any workflow. In addition, the gentleness of flotation-based separation results in healthier cells for more effective therapies. In all, Akadeum’s novel approach to CAR-T cell purification offers multiple improvements over current purification methods and the flexibility of Akadeum microbubbles allows for rapid optimization of cell therapy workflows.

Mechanism of Action: When developing CAR T cell therapies, the ability to isolate pure populations of engineered cells after transduction is paramount. Cells still expressing CD3 can be harmful to the patients receiving these therapies. The Human T Cell Depletion Antibody Cocktail recognizes the CD3 epitope using multiple, non-overlapping anti-CD3 clones for enhanced performance. CD3+ cells are labeled with antibodies, which are bound by the BACSTM Depletion Microbubbles and removed from the sample using buoyancy. Unlabeled and successfully transduced CD3-cells are recovered by removal of microbubble-bound CD3+ cells, ready to use for downstream applications.

How it Works: Akadeum’s process offers an elegant solution for highly effective and scalable T cell depletion. Biotinylated anti-CD3 antibodies bind to untransduced T cells still expressing the CD3 epitope. Streptavidin microbubbles then selectively bind to the antibodies labeling the undesired cells. Due to the natural buoyancy of the microbubbles, they naturally float to the surface of the culture vessel pulling along CD3+ cells. The positive cells can then be easily extracted off the surface with the microbubbles leaving engineered cells untouched to settle to the bottom of the vessel.

Additional Information:

  • Storage: 4°C
  • Cell Type: T Cells
  • Sample Species and Source: Engineered Human CAR T cell cultures
  • Cell Separation Method: Depletion
  • Capacity: From 10 x 106 to 5 x 109  T cells

This kit comes with:

  • 10 mL BACSTM Depletion Microbubbles – GMP in sterile storage buffer
  • 1 mL Human T Cell Depletion Antibody Cocktail – GMP in sterile PBS

Recommended for Best Results

  • 20 rpm tube rotator for mixing (e.g., Thermo Scientific cat#: 88881002)
  • Centrifuge (swinging bucket rotor strongly preferred)
  • Vacuum aspirator
  • 9-inch sterile Pasteur Pipets
  • Sterile 5 mL / 50 mL tubes
  • Buffer of choice: Phosphate-buffered saline (PBS, Ca2+ and Mg2+ free) supplemented with 0.5% serum and 2 mM EDTA, pH 7.2 is recommended.

Key Features

Akadeum’s Human T Cell Depletion Kit – GMP provides large quantities of highly pure engineered T cells by efficiently removing CD3+ cells. The microbubble technology enables scalable processing and yields highly viable cells with high engineered T cell recovery rates. Akadeum’s novel approach to CAR-T cell purification offers the flexibility necessary for rapid optimization for cell therapy workflows.

Elegant in Simplicity, Powerful in Application

BACS™ Microbubble technology harnesses the power flotation to streamline your cell therapy workflow. Our novel technology couples performance, ease, and quality, bringing a new dimension to your cell culture.

What are the advantages of Akadeum’s BACS™ workflow?

  • Scalable to fit your cell therapy workflows
    • The Microbubbles in the Human T Cell Depletion kits can process a wide range of cell numbers; from below 10 million cells to quantities up to 5 billion.
  • Highly pure sample of CD3- cells post-depletion
    • The Human T Cell Depletion Kit – GMP removes more than 95% of CD3+ cells leaving highly concentrated transduced cells behind.
  • Increased recovery of gene-edited cells for downstream formulation
    • Due to the properties of the bubbles and a positive selection of the CD3+ positive cells, more engineered cells are recovered after isolation.
  • Gentle process maintains the health of the cell therapy product
    • Leaving the cells of interest untouched leaves them in a viable state without harsh processing giving better starting material for formulation and eventually cell therapy.
  • GMP grade kits offer assurance of quality and strict standards
    • GMP grade kids are produced with compliance to regulations such as 21 CFR 820 guaranteeing robustness and consistent performance.

Looking for Answers?

At Akadeum Life Sciences, our team is committed to your success. We thrive on problem-solving and dedicate ourselves to helping researchers obtain exceptional results. If you’re interested in leveraging our BACS™ Microbubble platform to overcome existing hurdles in your cell therapy workflow, we want to hear from you! You can speak directly with an Akadeum scientist available to help you with an optimized workflow. Schedule a call today; we’d love to start a conversation!

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PBMCs were fluorescently stained with PE-labeled anti-CD14 and anti-CD19 antibodies as well as FITC-labeled anti-CD3. Events shown on the plot were live cells after debris and dead cell exclusion by scatter and DAPI.

T Cell Depletion Graphic



View the Human T Cell Depletion Kit - GMP User Guide
View the Human T Cell Depletion Kit - GMP (5 billion) User Guide

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