Microbubble Demo

With nothing but a small shake or stir, microbubbles spring into action sorting target cells in a quick and gentle manner. Their small size allows this process to take place in virtually any container.

Microbubble Workflow

  • Suspend a sample in up to 50M cells in 100 uL separation buffer
  • Draw up microbubbles with a recommended ratio of 1 microbubble for each target cell
  • Mix bubbles with sample, stir 30 strokes over 1 minute with a standard pipette tip
  • Use a Pasteur pipette to aspirate target cells from the top of the solution
  • Resuspend cells, preparing them for use in a total of only 10 minutes

Magnetic Separation

Many biotech companies are still using magnetic separation, in this process the target cell is captured by a magnetic particle, and a magnetic force pulls the target particles to one side. The amount of force generated depends on the proximity to a rare earth magnet. The non-target cells are removed while the target cells are left behind. A new buffer is added to suspend the magnetic particles.

Unfortunately, magnetic separation is expensive because of the required reagents and equipment. It’s limited to small volumes because the sample must be in close proximity to the magnetic source. The magnetic field has harsh forces that can damage delicate cells. Lastly, the throughput is limited due to the system complexity.

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