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Working with Microbubbles: Aspiration Best Practices

Category: BACSTM Microbubble Technology and Workflow

Working with Microbubbles: Aspiration Best Practices

  • For the most effective microbubble removal, vacuum aspiration is recommended. Here we are using a glass Pasteur pipette to aspirate the microbubble layer.
  • Insert the pipette, bringing it down along the side wall. Aim for the top edge of the microbubble layer where it meets the side of the vial.
  • Carefully vacuum away the microbubble layer, moving the pipette tip around the side wall in a circular fashion.
  • Once the microbubbles have been removed, carefully aspirate the separation buffer taking care to leave the cell pellet undisturbed.
  • Resuspend the cell pellet. Cells can be transferred to a new tube, if desired.
  • Your cells are ready for use!

If you have any questions as you work with your microbubble kit, please reach out to our tech support team at and we will be happy to help.

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