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Using Microbubbles for Your Cell Therapy Manufacturing

Category: BACSTM Microbubble Technology and Workflow

Akadeum Life Sciences has developed a new technology that is transforming cell therapy manufacturing. Their microbubble technology is a groundbreaking approach that greatly improves the processes involved in CAR T/TCR and other cell therapies. It separates cells gently and can be scaled up easily, which represents a major advancement in therapeutic development and patient care.

The video below demonstrates that the fundamentals of this technology are as simple as:

  1. Microbubbles bind to unwanted cells.
  2. Bound cells rise to the top of the sample container.
  3. Untouched target cells are collected at the bottom.

It really is as easy as 1-2-3 for increased processing speed, increased yield, reduced complexity, and guaranteed reliability.

What Makes Akadeum’s Microbubble Technology Unique?

Akadeum’s microbubble technology is an innovative approach to sample preparation in biological workflows. This proprietary technology simplifies the enrichment of complex samples, including cells, proteins, and nucleic acids, while maintaining their health and integrity. The buoyant microbubble method offers a gentle yet effective separation process without additional equipment.

With ease of use and high level of efficiency, this approach has significant implications for scientific research and industry applications across a range of fields – from basic research to clinical cell therapy – with the potential to improve healthcare outcomes.

How Do Microbubbles Compare to Traditional Cell Separation Methods?

Akadeum’s microbubble technology, in several ways, surpasses traditional cell separation methods—like magnetic cell sorting (MACS) and fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS). It offers a gentle yet effective cell isolation process, preserving cell health and physiology.

The microbubble technique is a simple, fast, and cost-effective method that does not require complex machinery or extensive sample preparation, allowing for high purity, yield, recovery, and scalability.

Supporting a World of Cell Therapy Manufacturing Possibilities

Although Akadeum’s microbubble technology offers great performance advantages, we understand that good manufacturing practices are crucial to successful CAR T/TCR therapy.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are crucial to ensure the quality and safety of your product. Akadeum Life Sciences adheres to these rigorous standards, especially in the production of our latest GMP-grade microbubble technology products – like the Human T Cell Leukopak Separation Kit. GMP includes strict guidelines for manufacturing processes, equipment, and personnel training, to ensure consistency and reliability in biotech products.

Good clinical manufacturing practices further ensure the safety and efficacy of cell therapies. They regulate product quality through rigorous testing and quality control, which are critical in therapeutic development. By integrating these GMP principles, Akadeum not only complies with regulatory requirements but also assures the efficacy and safety of our innovative cell therapy solutions.

For more information, explore Akadeum’s microbubble technology and contact our team to find out how you can revolutionize your cell therapy manufacturing process.

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