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Full Webinar: Reaching New Heights with Nucleic Acid Extraction

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Saliva presents an excellent option for non-invasive, self-collected samples for diagnostic testing.  Research has established that saliva can be used to quantifiably measure analytes in a way that is predictive of disease presentation, though technical hurdles have prevented efficient and cost-effective scaling that would allow widespread adoption of saliva testing.

Realization of the full potential of saliva testing has been impeded by the inherent limitation of magnetic technologies, especially with volume limits that only allow for processing a small fraction of the overall sample. This means that the remainder of the sample – and any remaining biomarkers contained within – are discarded and wasted.

Akadeum’s microbubble technology overcomes the limitations of magnetics, enabling quantitative large-volume saliva testing. Here we examine the power of microbubbles using an example based on current real-world viral testing needs – although microbubbles can be used for efficient enrichment of cells, proteins, nucleic acids, and numerous other analytes of interest.

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