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Streptavidin Microbubbles

Common cell isolation methods that utilize lysis, density gradient centrifugation, and magnets can jeopardize your desired cell populations and risk crucial research or clinical uses. Streptavidin microbubbles by Akadeum provide a gentle cell sorting solution that simplifies the cell isolation process. Protect against compromised results with the precise and scalable power of our Buoyancy Activated Cell Sorting (BACS) Microbubbles. 

Enhanced with streptavidin, our microbubbles can be seamlessly integrated with biotinylated antibodies to achieve exact targeting. Akadeum’s microbubbles can be used across numerous applications, including research, diagnostics, drug discovery, and more!

By harnessing the natural floatation power of the microbubbles, cells can be negatively selected by using targeted antibodies and an understanding of immune cell surface markers. Once unwanted cells are tagged with a marker, the streptavidin microbubbles can bind to those cells using the streptavidin as a bridge between antibody and bubble. 

Our cell sorting solution guarantees gentle handling and ease of use, ensuring minimal stress and maximum viability of precious samples. To learn more about our current streptavidin microbubble products or find a customized kit that’s right for you, contact Akadeum today.

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