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Leukopak Isolation Kits

Experience unrivaled cell recovery rates with Akadeum’s state-of-the-art cell isolation kits for leukopaks. Akadeum’s microbubbles expertly target cells, allowing for the isolation of the desired cell population with precision. Our Buoyancy Activated Cell Sorting (BACS) Microbubble technology maintains cell viability and integrity while optimizing yield for high-quality downstream results. 

Combined with our customized antibody cocktail, Akadeum isolation kits for leukopaks provide powerful cell sorting ability. Our advanced cell sorting solution boasts an incredibly short processing time, allowing for leukopak bag-to-target population workflow in roughly one hour.

Leukopaks are an excellent starting material for cell isolation projects because they contain robust concentrations of white blood cells. Rich with leukocytes, leukopaks are stockpiles of certain immune cell subtypes, including T cells, B Cells, and other peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs). 

However, leukopaks are not entirely contaminant-free, including red blood cells, cellular debris, and other unwanted cells. Akadeum’s leukopak isolation kits negatively select the cells of interest, protect cell vitality and functionality, and bypass aggressive lysis and density gradient centrifugation steps. 

Say goodbye to cumbersome processes that endanger cell utility with our innovative kits that can be used for the convenience of sorting entire leukopaks. This flexibility allows Akadeum’s leukopak cell isolation kits to meet the demand for large-scale projects. Explore our leukopak solutions and contact a team member today with any questions. 

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