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Dual Surface Marker Separation

With Akadeum’s patented two-bead approach to separation, microbubbles can be used in conjunction with other separation technologies like magnetic bead-based enrichment to facilitate complex isolations.

Using this proprietary technique can result in unprecedented purity, reduce common headaches like those that arise from non-specific binding, and can allow for targeted isolation of multiple cell types in a single reaction.

How it Works: Facilitating Complex Isolations

Akadeum’s patented, proprietary approach to leveraging buoyancy in combination with other separation technologies can enable targeted, complex isolations in a single reaction. This allows for the development of streamlined workflows that are easily integrated into existing processes and procedures.

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To download Akadeum’s Poster Buoyant Microbubbles as Alternatives or Adjuncts to Magnetic Bead Methods for High-Purity Cell Isolation that was presented at the American Association of Immunologists annual conference (IMMUNOLOGY), simply fill out the form below:

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