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Akadeum Awarded Top 10 BioTech Startups of 2023 by PharmaTech Outlook

Published on Feb 13, 2024

“Our dedication to thorough research and our commitment to listening to the voice of the customer has resulted in a truly outstanding innovation.”

Akadeum Life Sciences was recently featured as a Top 10 BioTech Startup of 2023 by PharmaTech Outlook magazine. In recognition of the award, PharmaTech Outlook published an article highlighting the innovative work happening at Akadeum to reignite the stagnant cell separation market.

Akadeum’s microbubble technology overcomes the limitations of traditional methods like fluorescent-activated cell sorting (FACS) and magnetic-activated cell sorting (MACS), using buoyancy and cell-specific markers to target and separate gently and quickly for healthier cells. With a wide range of targets, including T cells, monocytes, and dead cells, microbubble-based separation, activation, and expansion kits are poised to help today’s top researchers launch the breakthrough adoptive cell therapies of tomorrow.

As Dr. Dominique Gales-Badea, a field applications scientist at Akadeum, explained in the article, “By utilizing microbubbles, there are no limiting factors as it relies solely on gravity and buoyancy. As a result, an extensive number of cells can be processed within a compact vessel in one go. The cells are not subjected to excessive forces during separation, minimizing any potential damage to the cells and resulting in a higher production of viable cells with an increased yield.” This is incredibly important as immunotherapy manufacturers look to scale their cell therapy treatments for the next generation of CAR-T and CAR-M cancer therapies.

The feature also recognized Akadeum’s dedication to rigorous standards in launching good manufacturing practices (GMP) grade separation and activation kits, as well as adaptability in working with customers to optimize their T cell recovery process.

Read the full article at PharmaTech Outlook

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