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Akadeum Unveils Cell Separation Product Expansion at American Association of Immunologist Meeting

Updated on Apr 4, 2023

Human B Cell Isolation Kit graphic

Akadeum to showcase high-purity, high-yield isolation of Human B cells without the need for a column or magnet

ANN ARBOR, Mich., May 06, 2022 — Akadeum Life Sciences, Inc.—a global leader in buoyancy-based technology in cell therapy manufacturing, clinical diagnostics and cell and molecular research for human health and life sciences—today announced the expansion of its cell separation product portfolio with a new human B cell isolation product and updated protocol for its existing human isolation kits. Unveiling at the 105th American Association of Immunologists annual meeting, Akadeum will be on-hand to demonstrate the new protocol and kit, which leverages the company’s microbubble-based, cell sorting technology platform for high performance and simpler workflows.

The new product and workflow solve shortcomings of today’s standard methods including volume limitations and low throughput as a result from cumbersome and costly processes. Akadeum’s microbubble technology allows users to perform the entire cell separation process without a column or magnet. The new protocols provide top of the line yield and faster processing time.

“Our goal at Akadeum is to give researchers the ability to process any sample, anywhere, at any volume,” said Brandon McNaughton, PhD, CEO of Akadeum. “The expansion of our product portfolio and reimagining of our test kit protocol are exciting steps in the right direction. We are eager to continue transforming the isolation technology market and providing the industry with more efficient, effective solutions.”

Akadeum is attending the American Association of Immunologists 2022 (AAI) annual meeting in Portland, Oregon where the company is scheduled to host a workshop for its latest research, “Buoyancy Activated Cell Separation Microbubbles for Lysis and Ficoll Free Processing of Leukopaks,” while showcasing its new cell separation product portfolio with a new human B cell isolation product.

The AAI workshop presents two examples of the advantages that BACS™ have over conventional cell isolation methods demonstrating how microbubbles eliminate volume limitations and pre-processing steps for the isolation of T cells from leukopaks and how microbubble-based isolation of B cells enabled recent findings identifying B cells as primary APCs following passive uptake of plasmid DNA.

Akadeum is revolutionizing the isolation technology market and the way separations are performed, including cell separation, nucleic acid extraction, and more. Akadeum has developed an innovative, elegant and easy-to-use technology that can enable faster, more accurate and scalable workflows to solve the problems of tomorrow.

Akadeum’s existing portfolio uses buoyancy-activated cell sorting (BACS™) technology for the “negative selection” of desired cells. In this process, microbubbles simply float unwanted cells to the top of a sample, leaving the desired cells isolated and untouched in the cell pellet. The resulting sample is a human B cell population of highest purity and high yield, that are ready for downstream applications.

AAI attendees interested in learning more about Akadeum can visit booth #332 at the conference. The workshop is scheduled for Sunday, May 8th from 11:15 to Noon in the main exhibit hall, workshop room #2.

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About Akadeum Life Sciences, Inc.

Akadeum Life Sciences was formed to solve longstanding sample preparation problems in research, diagnostics, and cell therapy markets with a novel floatation-based target isolation platform technology. Without the critical step of separation (isolating biological targets like DNA, proteins, or cells from biological samples), many diagnostics and therapies would not be possible. More than a solution to a single problem, this elegantly simple platform technology is disrupting the separation market—from nucleic acid extraction to cell isolation. The company was the first to commercialize Buoyancy Activated Cell Sorting (BACS™) microbubble kits for cell isolation applications. In parallel, the company is also establishing industry partnerships.

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