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Akadeum & NanoCellect Collaborating to Improve Rare-Cell Workflows and Results

Updated on Feb 14, 2024

Akadeum & NanoCellect Collaborating to Improve Rare-Cell Workflows and Results

Akadeum Life Sciences, Inc., creators of a next generation floatation-based isolation platform, and NanoCellect Biomedical, Inc., a leader in the development and manufacturing of innovative and simple solutions for cell sorting, today jointly announced a new collaboration to improve rare-cell workflows. From single cell genomics to antibody discovery, researchers increasingly require more efficient, rapid, and gentle workflows to advance cellular research applications.  Use of the two gentle and high purity processes of floatation-based cell isolation ahead of single-cell sorting and plating can significantly improve these workflows.

Read more details in the press release.

About Akadeum Life Sciences, Inc.

Akadeum Life Sciences was formed to solve longstanding sample preparation problems in research, diagnostics, and cell therapy markets with a novel floatation-based target isolation platform technology. The company was the first to commercialize Buoyancy Activated Cell Sorting (BACS™) with a portfolio of several research-use-only kits for cell isolation applications. In parallel, the company is also establishing business-to-business partnerships for applications in diagnostics, cell therapy, and bioprocessing. The company is located in Ann Arbor, MI. Inquiries into Akadeum’s products or technology can be made at

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