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Akadeum Life Sciences Announces Early-Access Launch of Large-Scale Cell Isolation Kit for Leukopaks

Updated on Apr 25, 2023

Akadeum’s microbubble technology allows scientists to effortlessly process up to twice as many leukopaks in as little as one-third the time of traditional methods, increasing throughput and optimizing processes

ANN ARBOR, Mich., Sept. 21, 2022 — Akadeum Life Sciences, Inc., a global leader in buoyancy-based cell separation technology, announces a new early access program launch of an industry-first: the Microbubble Leukopak Human T Cell Isolation Kit. This new research use-only kit was developed in order to give scientists an essential solution to biological and workflow challenges in the lab. The product combines unique advantages of microbubbles with a Buoyancy Activated Cell SortingTM (BACSTM) Separation Tube that is poised to transform large volume cell separation workflows.

Leukopaks—blood bags that contain billions of extracted white blood cells—are frequently the starting point for CAR-T therapy and associated research. While CAR-T therapies are one of the most groundbreaking discoveries in medicine, the process is dependent on large quantities of highly pure T cells that are isolated from leukopaks. However, this step of isolation can be challenging, requiring hours to process a single leukopak and resulting in low yield.

With conventional technologies, it can take three hours or more to process even a single leukopak. With Akadeum’s patented technology, users can process nearly two leukopaks in a single hour. Akadeum’s BACSTM Separation Tubes, demonstrated in this video, create timesaving and performance benefits with the easy separation of target cells from the remainder of the sample. This not only reduces time but also promotes the health and physiology of cells. With increased throughput and less pre-processing, scientists can now spend more time studying cells than separating them.

“Cell therapy and associated research is transforming medicine. The process of separating valuable cells is a critical step in the workflow that requires immediate attention and solutions,” said Brandon McNaughton, Ph.D., CEO and co-founder of Akadeum. “Our new kit is unlike any other product on the market because of its speed, gentleness and high throughput capability. Our separation processes further enable scientists in accelerating their life-saving cell therapy research.”

Akadeum’s line of kits is designed with its patented buoyancy-based microbubble technology at its core. This technology has changed the way researchers work with cells by using flotation to isolate targeted cells gently, effectively and quickly. The technology works by using low-density particles to float targeted cells to the top of a sample, enabling minimal handling, resulting in happy and healthier cells.

This kit is released as Research Use Only (RUO) and can be found here:

About Akadeum Life Sciences, Inc.

Akadeum Life Sciences was formed to solve long-standing sample preparation problems in research, diagnostics, and cell therapy markets with a novel flotation-based target isolation platform technology. Without the critical step of separation (isolating biological targets like DNA, proteins, or cells from biological samples), many diagnostics and therapies would not be possible. More than a solution to a single problem, this elegantly simple platform technology is disrupting the separation market—from nucleic acid extraction to cell isolation. The company was the first to commercialize Buoyancy Activated Cell Sorting (BACS™) microbubble kits for cell isolation applications. In parallel, the company is also establishing industry partnerships.

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