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Akadeum Collaboration With Agilent Brings Microbubbles to Wastewater Testing

Published on Mar 8, 2024

Akadeum Life Sciences has joined forces with Agilent to combat the spread of infectious diseases through innovative wastewater testing kits. Highlighted in a recent Patient Safety & Quality Healthcare publication, this collaboration will revolutionize public health surveillance, providing a faster, simpler, and more efficient alternative to traditional methods when extracting important diagnostic markers from wastewater samples.

The new Viral DNA-RNA Wastewater Prep Kit leverages microbubbles to extract nucleic acids gently and efficiently, enabling sensitive detection of viral loads across a community. Wastewater monitoring efforts proved pivotal for the COVID-19 pandemic response and hold promise for testing for other diseases. And it doesn’t end there. Microbubble technology improves diagnostics across many types of samples. For example, expanding urine analysis to replace traditional blood draws and improve patient compliance.

As Brandon McNaughton, PhD, CEO and founder of Akadeum, reflected, “For us, it all starts with asking ‘Why do we do this work? How do we use our training and experience to help other people?’” This ethos underscores the company’s dedication to leveraging its expertise for societal benefit, particularly in response to public health’s unprecedented challenges.

Akadeum’s partnership with Agilent marks a significant leap forward in our ability to combat infectious diseases today, exemplifying the company’s commitment to harnessing cutting-edge technology for tomorrow’s greater good.

Read the full article at PSQH.

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