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Akadeum’s Nucleic Acid Extraction Automation

Category: BACSTM Microbubble Technology and Workflow

Akadeum Life Sciences was founded with the purpose of advancing human health, and in these unprecedented times, we are actively working to contribute to the global scientific community and its understanding of COVID-19 as well as the development of advanced detection capabilities.

Automating the microbubble-based nucleic acid extraction workflow

To save time, improve throughput, and increase efficiency, it is critical that Akadeum’s nucleic acid extraction microbubble workflow can be automated using a standard liquid sample handling robot. While a magnetic-based workflow requires equipment specific to each step of the process, Akadeum’s protocol can be automated from start to qPCR plate setup on a single instrument. Compared to an example magnetic-based workflow, the benefits are apparent. Instead of requiring separate instruments for formatting, extraction, and PCR setup, the Akadeum process reduces everything to a single, convenient instrument saving laboratory footprint, time, and expense.

The automated nucleic acid extraction protocol developed by Akadeum is inherently similar to Akadeum’s manual workflow, but is implemented by a liquid handling robot instead of a technician. This streamlines the processing of samples and increases throughput capabilities. The workflow is compatible with a standard, off-the-shelf robot to enable a single platform for extraction and qPCR setup. If you’re interested in learning more about our nucleic acid extraction platform, you can catch a replay of our recent webinar, Reaching New Heights with Next-Generation Nucleic Acid Extraction, on-demand at your convenience.

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