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Human T Cell Protocol Options

More Flexibility for your Human T Cell Enrichment

Sample preparation is a critical step in many life science endeavors. Due to the inherent complexity within samples and diversity between applications, sample preparation needs can vary widely. To this end, Akadeum Life Sciences now offers an alternative protocol leveraging end-over-end rotation to deliver more flexibility in your Human T cell enrichment workflows.

A Note Regarding Sample Type

Both protocols are optimized for the isolation of human T cells from PBMCs. For other sample types, or for sample sizes that are larger or smaller than the referenced cell counts on the protocol, please get in touch with our tech support team and we will be happy to assist you with any necessary protocol customizations to maximize results.

Selecting a Protocol for your Research

Both protocols are exceptionally gentle on delicate immune cells, and deliver a highly-enriched population of healthy T cells for downstream use while maintaining the health and physiology of the cells of interest. The standard protocol uses trituration (pipetting up and down) to mix the microbubbles into the sample. The alternative protocol uses end-over-end rotation for this mixing step, but use of this protocol requires the access to an end-over-end rotator that flips tubes top-over-bottom. Do not use rocking, oscillating, shaking, or spinning platforms as tubes must be flipped top-over-bottom during this mixing step.

Questions about which protocol is best suited for your application? Get in touch with our tech support team! You can email us at

We want to hear from you!

We’d love to hear from you regarding which protocol you selected and what your experience working with the microbubbles was like.

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