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Customized Streptavidin Workflows

Rise above existing sample preparation limitations and challenges with Akadeum’s buoyant Streptavidin Microbubbles.

Sample preparation is frequently a critical first step in any number of life science endeavors. Due to the inherent complexity within samples and diversity between applications, sample preparation needs can vary widely. Akadeum’s Streptavidin microbubbles leverage the biotin-streptavidin binding complex combined with the power of buoyancy-based separation in a streamlined workflow that is fast and easy to perform.

To address longstanding problems in sample preparation, Akadeum Life Sciences, Inc. has developed a Buoyancy Activated Cell Sorting (BACS™) microbubble platform for selectively capturing an array of analytes which can include cells, exosomes, proteins, and nucleic acids from a wide array of sample matrices.

The microbubbles are able to interrogate the entire fluidic volume directly in any container for fast and easy separation that eliminates the need for additional equipment and consumables. This straightforward approach is elegant in simplicity and powerful in application, enabling targeted separation that can be done at scale.

  • Compatible with any biotinylated affinity molecule
  • Enables floatation-based separation of diverse targets
  • Exceptionally gentle on delicate analytes

Streptavidin Microbubbles

SKU: 11110-000

Akadeum’s streptavidin microbubbles are high-buoyancy particles for use in targeting, capturing, and sorting cells, bacteria, viruses, or molecular analytes from common samples in the life sciences.


Akadeum’s microbubbles offer a versatile, flexible platform for targeted capture of diverse analytes.

Akadeum’s revolutionary, buoyant Streptavidin Microbubbles allow for the use of virtually any biotinylated affinity molecule, providing a flexible and customizable platform capable of meeting your specific needs.

Streptavidin Microbubbles for Selective Capture of One or More Cell Types

Streptavidin Microbubbles from Akadeum are compatible with virtually any biotin conjugated antibody or combination of biotinylated antibodies targeting the desired cellular marker(s). The versatile nature of Streptavidin Microbubbles enables customized separation solutions that account for diversity in cell types and sample sources to allow for highly specific research applications.

Streptavidin Microbubbles for Targeted Separation of Molecular Constituents

Akadeum’s Streptavidin-coated microbubbles can be used for binding/immobilization and separation of biotin labeled analytes like antibodies, proteins, peptides, oligonucleotides, or nucleic acid molecules from complex samples. For example, microbubbles functionalized to capture a protein of interest showed nearly 1000-fold greater average fluorescent intensity as compared to microbubbles incubated with a control protein, illustrating the selective capture of the protein of interest.

Streptavidin Microbubbles in Conjunction with Magnetics

Akadeum’s patented two-bead approach allows for the use of microbubbles in conjunction with other cell separation technologies like magnetic bead-based enrichment, facilitating complex isolations. Using this approach, the microbubbles can target one population while magnetic beads can be used to target a second, unrelated population. The remaining untouched cells are pelleted at the bottom of the sample container. Akadeum’s inherent compatibility and unique mechanism of action enable exceptional customization.

Streptavidin Microbubbles for Isolation and Detection of Various Pathogens

Streptavidin Microbubbles from Akadeum can be used for the capture and detection of bacteria, viruses, parasites, and amoeba. While low level contamination in large volumes can be difficult to process with other separation technologies, microbubbles inherently scale to large fluidic volumes. With their novel method of separation, microbubbles are able to interrogate the full fluidic volume, enabling entirely new workflows and assays that are inherently customizable.

Interested in learning more? Download our app note today:

Streptavidin Microbubbles for Customized Separation

Elegant in Simplicity, Powerful in Application.

Akadeum’s Streptavidin Microbubbles are useful for binding and separating biotinylated target molecules such as antibodies, proteins, and DNA. These microbubbles are compatible with any biotinylated target, allowing for the development of unique, highly-specific, and customized applications.

Mechanism of Action: Akadeum’s Streptavidin Microbubbles are high-buoyancy microspheres coated in streptavidin. These microbubbles leverage the biotin-streptavidin binding complex and can be used for binding biotinylated target molecules like antibodies, proteins, DNA, and more. They permit the capture and sorting of a diverse range of targets such as cells, bacteria, viruses, or other molecular analytes allowing for highly-specific and customized applications.

How it Works: Akadeum’s Streptavidin Microbubbles are gently mixed into the sample where they bind to the biotinylated targets. Using their inherent buoyancy, the microbubbles quickly and gently float the biotinylated analytes to the surface for collection or removal.

Creating a Customized Isolation Protocol using Streptavidin Microbubbles

Increasingly sensitive cell and molecular biology techniques have created the need for more flexible and specific cell isolation options. In response to this growing need, Akadeum Life Sciences has developed a quick and effective isolation platform with seemingly limitless versatility. Akadeum’s Streptavidin Microbubbles offer the flexibility to create a customized isolation workflow to suit specialized research and development requirements. With Akadeum’s breakthrough BACS microbubble technology, a cell population of interest can be rapidly enriched even from complex samples.

Our application note Enabling the use of Akadeum’s Streptavidin Microbubbles for Customized Isolation Protocols can be used as a roadmap for optimizing a customized cell isolation protocol that leverages Akadeum’s Streptavidin Microbubbles alongside a biotinylated affinity molecule or combination of affinity molecules designed to target multiple biomarkers.

Interested in learning more? Download our app note today:

App Note: Optimizing a Custom Workflow Using Akadeum’s Streptavidin Microbubbles

Streptavidin Microbubbles

SKU: 11110-000

Akadeum’s streptavidin microbubbles are high-buoyancy particles for use in targeting, capturing, and sorting cells, bacteria, viruses, or molecular analytes from common samples in the life sciences.


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