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RBC Depletion for PBMCs and Dissociated Tissue Samples

Are you struggling with RBC contamination? Are lysis buffers damaging target cells or disturbing their normal physiology?

Stop losing your precious cells to outdated magnetic processing.

Akadeum’s revolutionary microbubble approach removes up to 99% of RBC contamination in a fast and easy workflow that maintains the health and physiology of delicate cells of interest (RBC characteristics). Simply mix to bind, spin to separate, and aspirate to discard.


3 Steps · 10 Minutes · Happy Cells


Our microbubbles are mixed into your sample where they grab onto the contaminating red blood cells. Using the power of gravity (they float!), the microbubbles lift the RBCs to the top of the sample container for removal. It’s really that simple! Your target cells remain untouched and ready for downstream use.

Elegant in Simplicity, Powerful in Application

Akadeum’s microbubble technology harnesses the power of buoyancy in a fast, easy and gentle workflow without the need for additional equipment This unique, gentle approach maintains cell health and physiology.


No magnet. No column. Happy cells.


We’ve taken technology that traditionally requires additional equipment to accomplish targeted cell separation and put it into a single container where it’s self-separating. No harmful shear forces, no exposure to external forces like magnetic gradients.

10 Minute RBC Depletion with Microbubbles Saves Hours in Processing

Using microbubbles from Akadeum to prepare a sample before beginning the cell sorting process can not only reduce sort times by 1/3 or more, but can result in a larger population of healthy, viable cells at the end of the sort. In the figure below, you can see the results of a PBMC sample before (left) and after (right) using Akadeum’s RBC Depletion Microbubbles.


In a real-world test of collecting  250,000 CD19+ B Cells from PBMCs, using Akadeum’s Human RBC Depletion Microbubble Kit created reduction in sort times of more than 33% each and every time.


Interested in learning more? Download our app note today:

Using microbubbles from Akadeum to prepare a sample before beginning a cell sorting process can greatly reduce sort times, using our simple workflow that takes 10 minutes, in any container, using any sample volume. No special equipment is necessary, no harsh forces are applied. Our microbubbles simply float the target to the surface for fast, easy, and gentle removal.

Experience the Benefits of a Microbubble Workflow

Akadeum’s microbubble approach to aims to maximize yield, reduce processing time, and maintain the health and physiology of delicate cells of interest. And we do all of this while eliminating the need for extra equipment like magnets and columns using a fast, easy workflow that takes place directly in the sample container – no extraneous pour-offs, no exposing delicate cells to external forces or rare earth magnets, no harsh chemicals. Our buoyant approach to separation eliminates many of the existing technical hurdles that are limiting the effectiveness of processes today with human RBC depletion and mouse RBC depletion.

Akadeum’s Microbubbles are:

  • Magnet-free, protecting your cells from harsh magnetic forces and eliminating the need for additional (and expensive!) equipment.
  • Column-free, using microbubbles directly in the sample vial to separate cells which allows for quick and easy Red Blood Cell depletion of any sample, any volume, anywhere.
  • Gentle on cells, harnessing the targeted efficiency of affinity molecules like antibodies coupled with the power of buoyancy to gently separate via floatation.
  • Reliable and consistent, delivering fast and easy results that can be scaled for larger volumes with our streamlined workflow that is compatible with downstream processing.

Why Microbubbles for RBC Depletion?

  • Akadeum’s Human RBC Depletion Kit removes up to 99% of red blood cell contamination while keeping target cells happy and viable.
  • The entire process can be done directly in the sample vial, no specialized equipment necessary. No magnets, no columns, no harsh chemicals or external forces.
  • The microbubbles are simply mixed into the sample where they bind to the contaminating RBCs. Using the power of gravity (the bubbles float!), the microbubbles lift the RBCs to the top of the sample container for removal.
  • The target cells of interest remain untouched (free from harsh forces and lysis buffers) and ready for downstream use.

Ready to Get Started?

Stop losing your precious samples to outdated processes and experience the microbubble difference for yourself! Akadeum’s microbubble approach enables healthy cells for better science. With an incredibly fast, easy workflow that takes only 3 steps and 10 minutes to complete, you are able to move to downstream processing with confidence using an enriched RBC final sample with high viability.

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