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Monocyte Kits

Human Monocyte Cell Isolation Kits

Akadeum understands the significance of powerful monocyte isolation solutions that yield robust CD14+ cell populations. That’s why we’ve designed our monocyte isolation kits to cater to your specific needs using our innovative blend of microbubble and antibody technology. With Akadeum’s Buoyancy Activated Cell Sorting (BACS) Microbubbles, you can embark on CD14+ research initiatives with confidence secured by our isolation kits’ quality and reliability. 

Monocytes play an important role in the immune system and immunological research. Identified by the surface marker CD14, monocytes serve as the front line of immune defense and spark inflammatory reactions. Monocyte count can also indicate general health or the development of autoimmune diseases or cancer.

By ensuring a high-quality monocyte population using Akadeum’s monocyte isolation kits, downstream discoveries become more accurate and effective. If you don’t see the monocyte solution that works for your project, contact the Akadeum team to see how versatile our microbubble solutions can be. 

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