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AlerionTMMicrobubble Cell Separation System Delivers Improved Cell Health and Viability for More Efficacious Cell Therapies

Updated on Jul 3, 2024

poseida case study banner of Human T Cell Isolation for Alerion by Akadeum Life Sciences

Poseida Therapeutics, a clinical-stage allogeneic-focused therapeutic developer leveraging proprietary technologies to create life-saving cell therapies, selected the Akadeum platform, consisting of the new AlerionTM Microbubble Cell Separation System, the innovative BioRiseTM consumable, and the Human T Cell Leukopak Isolation Kit, to improve workflows for its cancer and genetic disease solutions.

A critical step in developing these therapies is isolating T cells from leukapheresis material. This requires an isolation process that ensures cell health and viability, and must be highly consistent and efficient for CAR-T cell manufacturing and for effective therapeutics.

Poseida Therapeutics chose the AlerionTM Microbubble Cell Separation System due to:

  • Superior cell health in negative selection compared to positive selection
  • Superior scalability, providing a solution avoiding particles directly bound to T cells
  • Simple, easy-to-follow workflow
  • Superior yield and purity
  • Significant flexibility
  • Instrument ease of use and walk away capability


The study sought to assess Akadeum’s AlerionTM Microbubble Cell Separation System’s effectiveness in isolating  T cells for CAR-T manufacturing at an increased processing scale. The goal was to improve cell health, cell viability, impurity clearance, T cell recovery, scalability, process consistency, and processing time compared to their optimized magnetic cell separation method.

Kit Used

The AlerionTM Microbubble Cell Separation System was paired with Akadeum’s Human T Cell Leukopak Isolation Kit and BioRiseTM consumable.

Experimental Design

Poseida Therapeutics conducted two major types of experiments: split-run and large-scale. These experiments aimed to compare the performance of the AlerionTM system directly with Poseida’s optimized magnetic cell separation method.

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Performance Metrics

The study evaluated several key performance metrics to assess the effectiveness of the AlerionTM system compared to their optimized method. These metrics were:

  • Post-isolation T cell purity and recovery: Measurement of overall purity and recovery levels post-isolation
  • Cell growth and expansion: Comparison of fold growth data from isolated T cells
  • Detailed impurity clearance: Percentage of monocytes, B cells, NK cells, and NKT cells removed by AlerionTM and optimized magnetic cell separation methods
  • Scalability: Evaluation of purity performance at larger cell loads compared to results from small-scale split run isolation procedures
  • Processing time: Total processing time from leukopak handling to seeding in culture media

Key Findings

For data and an analysis of the results, please fill out the form below. Key findings include:

  • Gentler, Shorter Separations: More Healthy Cells for Therapies
  • Strong Cell Growth: Essential for CAR-T Manufacturing Success
  • Superior Clearance of Monocytes and NK Cells Improves Transduction Efficiency
  • Successful Large Scale Cell Separation: Enabling Negative Selection
  • Efficient Processing Times


The AlerionTM Microbubble Cell Separation System showed significantly improved T cell isolation compared to the traditional fully optimized magnetic cell separation method. Crucial for CAR-T therapy manufacturing, shorter processing times and enhanced purity and recovery rates translate to more available, healthier T cells for genetic modification and expansion, improving treatment efficacy. Superior monocyte and NK cell clearance improves transduction efficiency, enhancing final product quality.

The system’s scalability and efficient processing times suit both small research settings and large-scale manufacturing environments, enabling a method that does not result in particles directly bound to T cells at the end of the process. The ease of operation allows streamlined workflows, more donors processed and reduced labor costs.

Explore the Future of Cell Isolation With Akadeum

Akadeum Life Sciences is committed to advancing cell and gene therapy through innovative solutions like the AlerionTM Microbubble Cell Separation System. If you are involved in cell therapy research or manufacturing, we invite you to improve your cell therapeutic workflows with Akadeum’s leading microbubble technologies.

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